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Corporate Directory


Consolidated Subsidiaries
The Company has 89 consolidated subsidiaries throughout Japan.

Manufacturing Plants
The Company has eight major plants in or near Tokyo, and its consolidated subsidiaries maintain 53 plants throughout Japan.

Marketing Network
The Company and its consolidated subsidiaries have more than 420 sales offices located in major cities throughout Japan.

R&D Facilities
The Company has five R&D facilities near Tokyo and two in the Kansai area.


Consolidated Subsidiaries
The Company has 38 consolidated subsidiaries in 15 countries.

Manufacturing Plants
The Company's 46 majority-owned manufacturing subsidiaries and affiliates (in which it has ownership interests of 20% to 50%) operate a total of 48 plants in 19 countries.

Marketing Network and Liaison Offices
The Company has 98* marketing and service subsidiaries and affiliates in 29 countries and 25 liaison offices in 23 countries.

R&D Facilities
The Company has three R&D facilities in the United States and two in Germany.

*Including 32 manufacturing subsidiaries and affiliates

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