NEC Corporation

Other Operations

In November 1995, NEC entered the rapidly expanding car navigation system market with the launch of the NEC-brand system CMP-G1.

Sales of other operations increased 9 percent, to 194.3 billion yen ($1,816 million), or 4 percent of net sales. Other operations include such consumer electronic products as TVs, lighting products, and video game units as well as vendor-only products.

Developments by Product Line

During fiscal 1996, NEC made further progress in the development of multimedia products.

In September 1995, we launched Hexavision, a high-resolution multivision projector system with a large multiscreen composed of six 50-inch to 70-inch screens. The PC-controlled projector system can be used to display text, graphics, and other information, either across the whole screen or simultaneously on its component screens. The system has a variety of applications at places where it is necessary to display much information on large screens.

NEC introduced the GMAKER STARTER KIT software, which, when used with the PC-FXGA game accelerator board, enables the development of software for the PC-FX, NEC's 32-bit video game unit. Providing all the technology and information necessary for anyone with a PC to develop their own software, the kit has opened up to individuals an area previously limited to specialist software houses.

In the wake of the Great Hanshin Earthquake in January 1995, NEC turned its attention to safety during the power outages that often follow such disasters. We developed the "Hotalook," a new kind of lamp that provides sufficient light to distinguish one's surroundings for up to one hour after the electricity supply has been cut off.

"Hotalook" lamps have been installed inside Kobe's Daikai subway station, which was rebuilt following its destruction in the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Copyright NEC Corporation. All rights reserved.