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Other Operations

Sales of other operations increased 3 percent, to 178.3 billion yen ($2,050 million), or 5 percent of net sales. Sales of other operations comprise those of such consumer electronic products as televisions (TVs) and video game units, lighting products, vendor-only products, and cleaners. During the period under review, sales of LCD projectors, lighting products, and such home appliances as air conditioners and refrigerators posted significant growth.

Developments by Product Line

During fiscal 1995, NEC continued to forge ahead with the development of multimedia products.

In response to growing demand for portable LCD projectors due to the increasing popularity of multimedia presentation software for PCs, we introduced a full-color LCD projector that can enlarge and project a PC's display onto a screen up to 150 inches in size.

In the video game unit market, we launched the PC-FX video game unit, which is powered by NEC's V810 32-bit RISC microprocessor. The PC-FX, with its built-in CD-ROM drive, brings the world of multimedia into the home. The unit's ability to display full-motion video is helping to create a promising new entertainment market. In addition to the PC-FX, NEC introduced a number of CD-ROM game software titles. In the years to come, we will continue to focus on the development of CD-ROM software for our video game units.

Used in combination with a TV, the PC-FX is a family-oriented multimedia terminal. The unit's PC connectivity makes it much more than a video game unit.

Another product introduced in fiscal 1995 is the NEXTV, a 9.5-inch TFT color LCD TV featuring lower power consumption. Thanks to recent advances in LSI technology, the NEXTV is thin and light enough to be hung on a wall for viewing.

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