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Shareholders' Meeting

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Recent Shareholders's Meeting

The 183rd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Measures to Vitalize the General Shareholder Meetings and Smooth Exercise of Voting Rights

  1. Early Notification of General Shareholder Meeting
    NEC sends out its convocation notice for the General Meeting of Shareholders approximately three weeks prior to the meeting. In addition, this information is posted on NEC's website before it is sent out.
  2. Scheduling General Shareholder Meeting Avoiding the Peak Day
    NEC has been making its effort to avoid the peak day in scheduling the meeting.
  3. Allowing Electronic Exercise of Voting Rights
    NEC provides for voting via the Internet (including via smartphones or mobile phones). In addition, NEC provides electronic voting platform operated by ICJ Co., Ltd. for institutional investors.

Past Shareholders' Meeting

The 181st Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

The 180th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders