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Disclosure Policy

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Basic Policy

NEC recognizes that timely, appropriate and fair disclosure is important to obtain a fair evaluation of corporate value from the capital markets.
NEC manages and discloses its information, such as information regarding business management and operation, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including the listing regulations of Tokyo Stock Exchange (the “Listing Regulations”) and fair disclosure rules under Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. NEC ensures the accuracy of the information to be disclosed and make sure that the disclosures are made in a timely, appropriate and fair manner.

Information Disclosure Structure

In order to ensure timely, appropriate and fair disclosure, NEC has established a communication structure for reporting material information among relevant divisions and subsidiaries.

Internal Structure for Timely Disclosure
Internal Structure for Timely Disclosure

Methods Employed for Disclosure

Information required for the timely disclosure under the Listing Regulations is disclosed through the TDnet (the Timely Disclosure Network) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Information other than that required for the timely disclosure will be disclosed in an appropriate manner, such as through NEC's website, to the extent that such information seems to be helpful for our shareholders and investors to understand NEC further.

Improvement of Communications

In addition to the timely disclosure and other communication through NEC's website, NEC makes efforts to have direct communications with our shareholders and investors, such as holding various presentation meetings and responding to daily enquiries. Requests and opinions received from our shareholders and investors through such communications are shared within the company and used to enhance our corporate value.

Quiet Period

To prevent leaks of earnings information and ensure fairness of disclosure, NEC sets a certain period prior to each quarterly earnings release as a “quiet period” during which NEC refrains from making comments or responding to questions related to the financial results.
Even in the quiet period, however, announcements regarding the revisions of financial or dividend forecasts, or others are disclosed in accordance with the timely disclosure rules in the Listing Regulations.

Characterization of disclosure on the NEC Website

NEC's website provides a variety of information for the purpose of shareholders' and investors' further understanding of NEC.
As a general rule, the information disclosed on TDnet under the Listing Regulations is also posted on NEC's website promptly after such disclosure. NEC's website, however, does not always contain all of the information disclosed by NEC, such as the information disclosed under the Listing Regulations. In addition, technological failure of the Internet may cause delay of such posting.
When using NEC's website, please fully appreciate the above and also refer to the Disclaimer.