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NEC’s Intellectual Property Vision

Creating Social Values and Engaging in Social Contributions Through Our IP Initiatives

picture:NEC’s Intellectual Property Vision

We view intellectual property as a key strategic resource that enhances business competitiveness, stability, and fosters collaborative creation with our customers and partners. In our pursuit of realizing the NEC 2030VISION, we strategically allocate resources to the intellectual property within key growth sectors outlined in our Mid-Term Management Plan 2025, including core DX, digital government, digital finance, and global 5G, as well as in technological fields that are poised to be pillars of future growth. By building an effective intellectual property network, we are extensively utilizing our IP assets and are engaging in strategic activities in areas such as standardization, ecosystem development, and thought leadership to enhance the market presence of these intellectual property.

NEC’s IP Strategy

An intellectual property strategy that underpins our technology vision and facilitates the practical implementation of technologies

We are committed to ensuring the acceleration and sustainable growth of businesses with technologies that develop existing operations essential to the creation of social value and to develop advanced technologies which introduce new societal values. Our focus is on research and development in the data science field, which creates new value through AI-driven data analysis, and in the ICT platform area, providing efficient and secure support. By focusing our resources on key areas such as data science and ICT platform, which are essential for core DX, digital government, digital finance, and global 5G fields, we are actively enhancing our patent portfolio by increasing the number of patent applications in these growth-driven sectors.

Supporting Social Value Creation and Social Contribution Projects Through IP Strategy

As we strive for a sustainable world where everyone has the chance and opportunity to reach their full potential and support activities related to the SDGs through our intellectual property strategy and initiatives.
Aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050, we offer a wealth of decarbonization solutions utilizing digital technology and our pioneering collaborative creation efforts include innovative approaches such as estimating and visualizing potential CO2 reductions through disaster prevention and mitigation and facilitating market transactions through carbon credit trading. By accelerating these practical initiatives, we aim to introduce new values to society and further societal progress.

Three Pillars of the Intellectual Property Management Division