Supporting diverse communication services
with advanced SDN/NFV solutions

Data traffic is surging globally.
NEC is capitalizing on its world-class achievements in providing extensive solutions to advance communication services, build communication infrastructure, and realize rich social value creation.

NEC is providing next-generation communication networks to support advanced technologies such as SDN/NFV and 5G

Building social infrastructure for diverse and enhanced communication services

As data traffic around the world surges due to the proliferation of smartphones and migration of data to the cloud, telecom carriers face major business challenges in maintaining capital investment, reducing operational costs, and improving profits. To meet telecom carriers’ diverse needs and business challenges, NEC is providing solutions in areas such as wireless broadband access, mobile backhaul, core and metro networks (optical, IP), submarine cable systems, Telecom Operations and Management Solutions (TOMS), and SDN (Software-Defined Networking)/NFV (Network Functions Virtualization). NEC’s high-quality, highly trusted microwave communication system PASOLINK, which has long been used as a mobile backhaul solution for wireless applications, has now been adopted in more than 150 countries. NEC is also a top-class vendor of submarine cable systems, and has established a stable supply system to support the production, installation, and laying of all system elements, from terminal equipment for cable stations to submarine cables and optical repeaters. NEC has a track record of laying more than 250,000 km of submarine cable—enough to circle the earth six times.
In the area of TOMS, NEC is providing management and operations support to telecom carriers around the world together with its U.S. subsidiary Netcracker Technology Corp. (“Netcracker”). In the last 20 years, Netcracker has provided services to more than 250 customer companies. NEC is supporting the diversification and sophistication of communication services with SDN/NFV—which will revolutionize network virtualization and control—and the development of 5G next-generation mobile networks.

Actively engaged in development of advanced solution offerings for SDN/NFV

NEC is expanding globally in the SDN/NFV market in collaboration with Netcracker. SDN/NFV technologies are drawing attention as solutions to meet the needs of diversifying communications services and higher traffic volumes and speeds. NEC leads the competition in providing commercial SDN/NFV solutions. Its virtualization technologies are being applied not only to networks but also to service control nodes. This allows optimal resources to be flexibly allocated across the entire network to cope with increases and changes in traffic volume. Meanwhile, Netcracker, with its Management and Network Orchestration (MANO) development expertise, is providing solutions such as TOMS-linked integrated operations of SDN/NFV.
In May 2016, NEC and Netcracker launched the AVP (Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice) solution suite to support SDN/NFV deployment. Included are solutions for developing SDN/NFV systems and integrating existing systems. This solution is being highly anticipated by a wide range of customers, and has already been adopted by a top global carrier.
Besides actively participating in SDN standardization activities, NEC has also established a partnership program, “NEC SDN Partner Space,” that seeks to provide optimal network applications and solutions utilizing SDN/NFV. This program has already attracted more than 40 participating companies. Going forward, NEC will continue working together with its customers to create new business models in this field.

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