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Reducing Environmental Impacts

NEC's environmental management activities contribute to the prevention and solution of various environmental problems. These activities include measures for preventing global warming and reducing waste, such as the following.

NEC takes steps to reduce environmental impacts along the entire value chain, from purchasing, procurement and R&D to product manufacture, usage, and disposal.

NEC is engaged in efforts to reduce energy consumption.

In all business activities, an effort is made to reduce CO₂ emissions in daily operations.

NEC takes all possible measures to reduce SOx and NOx emissions.

NEC carefully examines environmental impact and safety in handling chemical substances. NEC takes all possible measures to reduce consumption of chemical substances and to replace harmful substances with safer ones.

NEC has undertaken activities to reduce water consumption and to protect forests in catchment areas.

NEC has lowered sulfur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, and voluntarily performs soil surveys to check for pollution.