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Mid-Term Environmental Plan

Plant- and Office-Related Items (FY 2013/3 Results)

(*: Newly added item or modified target item, Underlined: Added or modified points)

Indicator Items (Total of 4) Mid-Term Targets To Be Achieved (FY)
Prevention of Global Warming 1 Reduction in energy usage (crude oil equivalent: total amount or basic unit) (-1% compared to the previous fiscal year)(Note 1)
[Target for each NEC Group company]
-1% 2012/3 or later
2 *Reduction of energy use per basic unit(Note 2)
[Companies participating in the Low Carbon Action Plan]
-7.73% 2021/3
3 The absolute value of distribution-derived CO₂ emissions (Note 3) 40,000 t Average of 2009/3 to 2013/3
4 *Introduction and expansion of renewable energy (Note 4) x10 2021/3


Indicator   Reference FY FY 2013/3 Targets FY 2013/3 Result Assessment
Prevention of
Global Warming
1 Previous
-1% -12% compared to FY 2012/3.
(Note) Results for NEC alone.
Targets have been achieved by 80% of the companies in the NEC Group.
2   Setup of
Setup of operation system completed
3 - 39,000 t 25,000 t
4 2012/3 x1.1 x1.3

Note 1: Energy consumption is a value obtained by calculating the consumption of each energy type on the basis of crude oil conversion [kL].
Note 2: The rate of improvement in energy usage per basic unit is the ratio obtained by adding up the rate of improvement in energy usage per basic unit of the companies participating in the Low Carbon Action Plan* on a weighted average basis.
* Companies participating in the Low Carbon Action Plan: The participants are NEC and NEC consolidated subsidiaries, which correspond to the manufacturing industry categories [Japan Standard Industry Classification: Medium Categories 28, 29, 30, and Small Category 271].
Note 3: The value required to achieve a 30% reduction compared to FY 2006/3 is determined each fiscal year using the average of data for FY 2009/3 through FY 2013/3.
Note 4: Expanded installation of renewable energy facilities within the NEC Group, and ten-fold increase by 2020 in electric power capacity (kW) compared to FY 2012/3.

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