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Environmental Accounting

NEC has been performing environmental accounting since 1998 as an effective mechanism for quantitatively evaluating the costs and effects of the company's environmental activities.

FY 2017/3

Results of FY 2017/3 Aggregation

Item Main Content Investment cost(Million Yen) Cost(Million Yen) Economic effect(Million Yen)
Business-related costs Prevention of global warming, effective utilization of resources, resource recycling, risk minimization, etc. 75 707 80
Upstream and downstream costs Design of environmentally-friendly products; collection, recycling, reuse and so on of used products 1.5 51 0
Cost of management activities Personnel expenses related to environmental activities, human resource development, environmental training of employees, ISO maintenance, etc. 1.9 172 -
R&D costs R&D, etc. 0 0 -
Cost of social contribution activities Environmental improvement measures, societal contributions, etc. 0 2 -
Cost of environmental damages Other 0 0 -
Total   78.4 932 80

Scope of environmental accounting

Scope of environmental accounting: NEC + Domestic and overseas group companies that are subject to environmental governance
Accounting period: From April, 2015 to March, 2016

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