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The Future of Tourism as Envisioned by NEC I:Delight

The Future of Tourism as Envisioned by NEC I:Delight

Case studies

Regional Revitalization through Face Recognition in Nanki Shirahama

There is a trend where digital technology is being utilized to ensure security and safety and create a new attractiveness of tourism. NEC launched the concept brand “NEC I: Delight” using biometrics at its core, and has been actively driving tourism promotion projects. With a focus on Nanki Shirahama – a region that continues to pursue advanced initiatives – as a showcase, we interviewed persons involved.

Creating a New Experience at Mt. Fuji with Face Recognition Technology

As the number of travelers eager to return to sightseeing increases, the need to share and check hygiene and personal information has evolved, requiring a new kind of management. NEC’s experiment in collaboration with the Tourism Policy Division of Shizuoka Prefecture showed that the technology offers fast solutions and business opportunities.

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