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Experience the future of access management solutions

Whether you’re an events organizer, restaurant owner, a hotel manager, or even a government agency, clients like yourself are usually asking questions such as,

“How can I speed up the entire identity and ticket checking process?”

“How can I ensure that everyone entering my venue is identified accurately?”

“How do I make entrance and check-ins even more hassle-free for everybody?”

“Is there a more secure way to store all my customer data?”

These questions have as well been pondered by our team of engineers at NEC, and we’ve devised a state-of-the-art solution for our clients. We understand that companies and organizations are looking for ways to streamline their entry processes and enhance their security. Our forward-thinking clients have also asked for help to optimize their resources, allocating staff to one-on-one customer service instead of having to check IDs.
NEC’s suite of access management solutions uses a combination of biometric and face recognition technology to allow for seamless, frictionless entry for customers, while also maximizing the potential for revenue generation and personalized services.
Watch the video to explore.