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Digital ID and Mobile ID:

What they are, why they’re trending and how they’re useful

There is a lot of buzz these days about Digital ID and Mobile ID, and for good reason. This is the next logical step for an increasingly digital and mobile world. Rather than pile up paper-based documentation (including cards) of our identification, credentials and payment accounts, a Digital ID consolidates any and all of those physical documents into a single profile linked to one individual.

Mobile ID indicates the Digital ID is accessible and controllable by an individual’s mobile device. The bulky phone case wallet once awkwardly held up to a person’s ear for phone calls is not needed – all of the wallet litter is secure in an encrypted server, and the owner has exclusive admin permissions with face recognition. It’s faster and simpler than a PIN or a password.

How the Mobile ID used is increasing and expanding all the time, too. Airline passengers store travel documents in their Digital ID and use it to check in for flights, pass through security verification and board planes. Theme parks it to give passholders rapid entry and loyalty perks in stores. Hotels use it for reservations, check-in and face recognition can then be the room key. The possibilities are truly endless.

NEC I:Delight has enabled Digital ID technology with face recognition for years, and we have updated actual cases where it is used today in our recent I:Delight Mobile ID ebook. Download it today to see the future unfold.

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