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Fast service is a win-win

Customers are happier and QSRs are more profitable

Shaving seconds off your time is not just critical for Olympic athletes. Quick Service Restaurants can save thousands of dollars per second they cut from customer wait times. That’s based on a finding by a recent SeeLevel HX study that a 30-second delay in service can cost QSRs $32,000 in profits annually.

Faster service with a short staff is a tall order, but I:Delight Pay technology can deliver. That is just one way your restaurant can see long-lasting ROI from incorporating Digital ID as a method of payment.

Use of Digital ID for documentation is expanding around the world, and Digital ID payment is accepted in future-ready markets. It is an opt-in technology that customers choose for its security, convenience and touch-free nature.

You can read how I:Delight Digital ID can be implemented with your existing QSR systems to enhance service times and customer experience.

Visit our website at NEC I:Delight to download our short ebook specific to the QSR market.

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