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Today’s Version of “Look, Ma, No Hands!”

Search “no hands” and you’ll find an array of uses, music and memes. NEC I:Delight offers an exciting and practical meaning, and it’s gaining in popularity across retail, restaurant and travel markets: confirming identity and authorizing purchases with no wallet, no phone, no cards, no contact.

It’s all possible with I:Delight Pay and the I:Delight platform. Retailers enable the touchless technology, and customers choose to create and control their accounts. It’s an option that uses face recognition biometrics to identify registered consumers for venue entry and purchase payment.

Setting It Up

Customer registration on a mobile device can take place in two ways:

  • Creating a universal account linking a face, identity and payment method, then applying that universal account to a retail or restaurant app.
  • Creating individual accounts with each store and restaurant, enabling recognition and payment through each retailer’s app.

However it’s set up, the customer retains control of how their secure, encrypted identity is used, and the customer can disable or delete their account at any time.

Advantages for retailers include reduced fraud—face recognition eliminates doubt over purchases—increased speed of service and throughput and automated loyalty rewards. Customers also appreciate the enhanced security, quicker transactions and personalized service that comes with automated recognition.

Imagine Your App

Online and kiosk ordering, and drive-thru and curbside pickup, have become heavily used options, and that market analysis indicates those trends will continue. Adding I:Delight Pay streamlines order and payment processes, and simplifies customer confirmation.

If a customer can enter an order on their mobile device and pay with I:Delight Pay, fulfilling the order correctly and handing it to the correct customer is a smooth process. In store, customers who opt-in can go through self-checkout and merely look at the kiosk camera for payment authorization. We call that “No phone, no wallet, no problem.”

In one comprehensive deployment, I:Delight powers an entirely unmanned 7-Eleven X-Store in Taiwan. Face and object recognition, combined with artificial intelligence, enable shoppers to walk in, select items, pay and leave without touching surfaces or payment kiosks.

A similar scenario can be used for dining halls on college, corporate or retirement campuses, where customers can be registered and recognized. Visitors still will need to pull out payment cards, but registered users can easily walk in, make selections and walk out with their tray. Accounts will be automatically charged for selections without need for a cashier and an account ID.

Universal Studios Japan uses I:Delight face recognition to expedite entry and automate loyalty privileges for season pass holders. Efficiencies gained with this technology save the program 30% annually. The same system can be used for ticket holders at any venue. Electronic tickets sent to a mobile device can give ticket holders the option of linking a face and account to the ticket. They would enter though a face recognition kiosk rather than having an usher personally scan their ticket, and they could purchase food and drinks at concession stands with I:Delight Pay.

Face recognition is quick, easy, and it’s more secure than using a PIN or password. Customers who choose I:Delight have a very high rate of return and reuse.

Visit our website at NEC I:Delight to learn about other examples of I:Delight today, including the quickly growing use at airports. Or Contact Us today to start talking about your potential application of I:Delight Pay.

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