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Dialogue and Co-creation with Our Diverse Stakeholders

Values are constantly changing for our customers and society. To supply products and services that deliver real value, NEC needs to incorporate processes for dialogue and co-creation with stakeholders into its corporate activities.

Our commitment to promoting dialogue and co-creation with stakeholders is embedded in the concept of “Orchestrating” stated in our Purpose, “Orchestrating a brighter world” within the NEC Way. The following are examples of the main dialogue and co-creation that we conducted in fiscal 2021.

  Themes and Objectives Communication Method Reference
  • Contribution to resolving social issues through business activities
  • CS activities aligned to customer characteristics
  • Disclosure of appropriate information about products and services
  • CS activities
  • Sales activities
  • Advertising, PR
  • Website
  • Holding of NEC Visionary Week
Shareholders and investors
  • Timely, appropriate provision of information
  • Promotion of understanding of the Company, acquisition of feedback from capital markets
  • ESG activity reports and exchanges of opinions
  • Financial results presentation meeting (quarterly)
  • General Meeting of Shareholders (annually)
  • IR events
  • Individual meetings with analysts
  • IR tools (integrated report, business report, etc.)
  • Stakeholder dialogues
  • Briefing on ESG
Business partners
  • Strengthening of partnerships
  • Construction of better supply chains
  • Fair procurement activities
  • Partner exchange meetings
  • Policy briefings
  • Document reviews
  • Supplier Visit Records (SVRs)*
  • Declaration of commitment to Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct in Supply Chains
  • Compliance Hotline
  • Understanding the status of employee engagement
  • Exchange of opinions between employees and management
  • Human resource development and evaluation
  • Promoting appropriate treatment and occupational health and safety
  • One NEC Survey (annual)
  • Pulse Survey (every three months)
  • Holding of the NEC Way Day
  • Workshops for instilling the NEC Way
  • One-on-one meetings between supervisors and team members
  • Health and safety committees
  • Labour-management councils
United Nations and international institutions, national and local governments
  • Sustainable growth of society and companies
  • Sustainable development of international society and contribution to the SDGs
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Participation in global initiatives for strengthening sustainability
    (UNGC signatory, joined international NPO BSR, joined RE100, participated in various working groups)
  • Public-private sector collaboration projects
  • Policy declaration
NPOs and NGOs, Civil Society
  • Understanding feedback from society
  • Co-existence with local communities
  • Development of young social entrepreneurs
  • Stakeholder dialogue
  • NEC Make-a-Difference Drive corporate citizenship activity
  • NEC Social Entrepreneurship School
  • NEC Pro Bono Initiative
  • Understanding feedback from society
  • Supporting the learning of the next generation
  • Consultation
  • Website
  • e-Net-Caravan
  • *
    Efforts to inspect sustainable procurement requirements and accumulate records during daily visits to procurement partners

Pro bono support for the Tsunagaru Marché of Kawasaki City Citizen Activity Center

Pro bono support for the Tsunagaru Marché of Kawasaki City Citizen Activity Center