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Entire Workforce in Pursuit of Higher Quality

Always Place Customers First

Customer satisfaction appears in the first paragraph of the NEC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior. NEC expects all group members actions to revolve around the customers.

Every Corporate Member Needs to Promote CS Activities

Picture: Every Corporate Member Needs to Promote CS Activities

CS promoters take the lead in the various activities to attain higher customer satisfaction.
In addition to organizational-level efforts, work by individual corporate members is also important in order to achieve higher CS. Having CS promoters in the center, all corporate members must focus on the customers and think about what they can do to enhance CS.
So organizational-level efforts by our CS promoters and improvement efforts by individual workers on site are the two major driving forces behind NEC's CS enhancement activities.

The main roles of CS promoters are as follows.

  • Listen to the customers and front-line workers handling the customers, and take the lead in solving problems.
  • Widely disseminate CS and quality information throughout their department.
  • Make company-wide proposals regarding an issue to be addressed by all of NEC or a problem that should be handled in cooperation with other departments.

To further enhance customer satisfaction, CS promoters follow a systematic approach from a broad perspective. Even though we carefully listen to customers to create products and services that exceed customer expectations, if costs increase too much, such efforts cannot last for a prolonged period . So, to attain customer satisfaction while increasing efficiency and maximizing productivity, CS promoters stress activities suitable for the situation at each worksite and support the system to enhance CS throughout the entire product and service process--from planning, designing, and production to delivery.

Making Improvements by Listening to Customer Feedback

At NEC, one of the ways we improve the level of customer service is to use customer feedback from CS surveys and customer contact points to identify issues and study ways to improve them, thereby leading to improvements in the related business divisions.

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