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NEC's action against COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, the impact on our daily lives and economies is truly on an unprecedented scale.
Even now, the fight against the pandemic continues, with governments and municipalities making tremendous efforts to manage risks, medical and healthcare practitioners battling to save lives and prevent its spread, and businesses and consumers needing to work and live under restrictions.

Since its foundation, NEC has always been committed to working to ensure the safety and security of people, promoting fairness in society, and increasing efficiency in economic activities as a social value creation company. In the face of this crisis, we remain true to our purpose, to contribute to society through our activities so as to realize a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.

From now on, society as it was, its values and social behavior will need to change, creating a new set of values, "the new normal," which we all need to accept and adapt to.

Taking this new normal into perspective, the NEC Group aspires to contribute to creating new social value through our activities that include enabling digitalization, online, remote, touchless, and labor-saving initiatives.

This page features the activities of the NEC Group worldwide and will continue to be updated.

NEC's action against COVID-19

NEC has provided various support such as vaccine development using AI, business continuity of customers and information provision from government and medical institutions to address this unprecedented situation.
We will continue to make efforts to contribute to the resolution against various social issues caused by the spread of infection.

Business Continuity

Remote working solutions

It is imperative to enable remote working for business continuity and to prevent further spread of the infection.
NEC is ready to support our customers with various communication solutions to quickly start remote working.

Integrated ICT Solutions for Business Continuity (NEC Australia)

NEC Australia provides a wide range of solutions to maintain productivity, including remote working, robust data security platform, touchless ID by face recognition.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19

NEC provides various touchless and hygienic solutions using face recognition and iris recognition technologies.

Safety by touchless face recognition

Face recognition can make physical and touch-based interactions touchless such as unlocking doors and making payment without requiring wallets and credit cards. Advanced face recognition can even recognize people wearing masks.

Making touchpoint touchless (NEC Corporation of America)

NEC's revolutionary approach to Digital Transformation (DX) combines personal identification and digital technologies to interconnect people and processes - making physical and touch-based interactions touchless.

NEC iQuarantine (NEC New Zealand)

NEC iQuarantine is a mobile check-in and case management system. The smartphone app allows users in self-isolation to report their location and health status up to three times a day from their own homes.
Using the NEC iQuarantine Case Management Portal, health services can easily access individual case information, including the status and priority of those in self-isolation.

Cashierless storeJapanese

  • *
    for Japan market only
At NEC headquarters, an unmanned, cashierless store utilizing face recognition technology enables employees to grab and go without needing to come into close contact with people and not touching anything but the product.

Preordering fuel via smartphones (NEC Platforms)Japanese

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    for Japan market only
This smartphone app (available in Japan only) allows pre-ordering and pre-payment of fuel so that when at the gas station, simply scan the QR code near the fuel machine to get fuel. An easy and quick service to minimize procedure.

Public Information Sharing

NEC supports information sharing to the public to ease the uncertainty of the situation and is also visualizing the infection status using open source data.

Supporting efficient communication for the COVID-19 related inquiriesJapanese

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    for Japan market only
NEC has provided AI chatbots for free to local governments and healthcare institutions in Japan so that they can better respond to the COVID-19 related inquiries from citizens.

new windowVisualization of domestic infection status based on open data (NEC Solution Innovators)Japanese

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    for Japan market only
NEC Solution Innovators and Code for Japan have collaborated in visualizing the infection situation in Japan sourced from open data.

Physical and mental care

The lengthy life under restriction and concern of infection is a major cause of stress. NEC is sharing activity tips that support the wellbeing of people, and apps that support sleep to assist in keeping both physically and mentally fit.

new windowWell-being Improvement Project
(NEC Solution Innovators)

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    for Japan market only
A joint project between the Well-being Research Center of Doshisha University and NEC Solution Innovators, it offers activity ideas and apps that support the well-being of people, organizations and society.

Sleep Diary
(NEC Solution Innovators)

  • *
    for Japan market only
"Sleep Diary" is introduced as a stress management app on the Japanese Psychological Association website in response to COVID-19. There are various information including tips to get quality sleep so as to ease stress.

Drug & Vaccine Development

NEC publishes design blueprints for novel corona virus vaccines using its Artificial Intelligence technology. This initiative to help combat outbreaks of COVID-19 and support international vaccine development efforts is led by NEC OncoImmunity (NOI) in collaboration with NEC Laboratories Europe (NLE). The gene analysis result uses AI prediction technology.

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