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Promoting "Tasty Fukushima" A discussion meeting with high school students in Fukushima Prefecture was held. (Updated on March 18)

Group photo of high school students in Fukushima and NEC Group employees

On a discussion meeting with high school students in Fukushima who comprise an editorial team and publish the information magazine "Fukushima Taberu Tsuushin (Fukushima Gourmet Magazine)" was held at NEC Headquarters Building on March 15, 2016 to promote the magazine. The high school students interview and write articles for the magazine to eliminate any damage to the reputation of agricultural products from Fukushima. About 50 NEC Group employees participated.

Mr. Hangai, a representative of "Asubito Fukushima" who supports these students, gave a presentation explaining how they launched the magazine and the history of their activities in the first session of the event.
In the second session, six high school students talked about how they joined the editorial team and their passion for Fukushima.
The third session was a panel discussion with the students and NEC Group employees facilitated by Mr. Hangai.

An NEC Group employee participant commented "I was impressed that all student participants had high aspirations and an ability to express their own opinions within a limited time. I believe Fukushima having those amazing high school students will surely recover even if it takes time."

Event for job hunting LGBTA students was held. (Updated on March 10)

Mika Yakushi (on the right), a representative of ReBit, other panelists, and Naoko Morizane (on the left), Department Manager, CSR Promotion and Social Contributions Office at NEC

March 1, 2016, an event for job hunting LGBT students was held in cooperation with NPO ReBit, one of the support organizations for the program to foster young social entrepreneurs "NEC Social Entrepreneurship School Next Stage Program." This event was held for the second time in cooperation with NPO ETIC.

This event consisted of two sessions: "Panel Discussion on Working as an LGBTA Member of Society" and "Group Discussion with LGBTA Members of Society and Job Hunting Students" in which job hunting LGBTA (LGBT and allies) students and NEC Group employees participated in order to share worries about working life and job hunting, while actively exchanging opinions.

Department Manager, CSR Promotion and Social Contributions Office, answering in the interview

A student participant commented "Someone said 'Do your best as a human being' and I totally agree," while an NEC Group employee commented "This event was a good opportunity to think about being myself. This was a meaningful use of my time."

Local specialty products of Minamisanriku sold at Tokyo Station (Updated on January 13)

"Minamisanriku Support Marché" setting

On December 25, 2015, "Minamisanriku Support Marché" was held in cooperation with other companies continuously supporting the reconstruction for Minamisanriku in Miyagi Prefecture.

On that day, about 40 kinds of products including specialty products from Minamisanriku recovered from the disaster and newly developed reconstruction support products were sold, and many people visited our marché.

This event was hosted by "Corporate Association for Supporting Minamisanriku" (NEC Group "TOMONI" Project, MS&AD Insurance Group, ALBION, NTT DoCoMo, Dentsu, Mitsui Chemicals, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation).
NEC signed a reconstruction cooperation agreement with Minamisanriku Town in November of 2015 in order to strengthen the partnership for reconstruction. We will continue to conduct various activities suitable to the changing needs of disaster areas.

NEC signed a reconstruction cooperation agreement with Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture.

We started accepting participant applications for a charity concert to be held on January 24, 2016. "NEC Charity Concert at Kawasaki" (Updated on November 20)

unday, January 24, 2016, the 15th NEC Charity Concert will be held at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall. The theme will be "Love, Hope and Courage for Children All Over the World!"
Famous music which can be enjoyed by children and adults will be performed.

The Band of NEC Tamagawa made up of NEC Group employees which won the first prize of All Japan Band Competition, Workplace Category, will perform. This concert is a homegrown concert where employee volunteers participate in its operation.

The donations collected at this concert will be provided to an organization, the “Friends of El Sistema Japan”, which provides children in Fukushima who physically and mentally suffered from the nuclear power plant accident and Tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake with dreams and hopes through music, and expands opportunities to express themselves. Your donation will be appreciated.

Co-hosted TOKYO Sign language College (Updated on November 10)

Introduction of products for hearing-impaired personsIntroduction of products for hearing-impaired persons

On November 8, 2015, the joint Tokyo Sign Language College event with industry, government and academia was held to develop a better understanding and interest in sign language and hearing impairments in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Metropolitan University, a Public University Corporation.

NEC Group introduced cutting-edge technologies to help the hearing-impaired, and a graduate of the NEC Social Entrepreneurship, ShuR, demonstrated the online sign language teleconference and remote sign language interpretation.
The workshop to learn about "Universal Design" by experiencing the hearing difficulty was held in the afternoon.

Workshop settingWorkshop setting

NEC will continue to closely and mutually cooperate with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to help persons with disabilities be independent and participate in society, and strive to realize "a society where people help each other".

NEC signed a reconstruction cooperation agreement with Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture. (Updated on November 6)

Signing Ceremony for the Reconstruction Cooperation Agreement on November 1 (Right: Town Mayor of Minamisanriku, Left: Manager of NEC Tohoku Branch)Signing Ceremony for the Reconstruction Cooperation Agreement on November 1
(Right: Town Mayor of Minamisanriku, Left: Manager of NEC Tohoku Branch)

On November 1, 2015, the signing ceremony of the reconstruction cooperation agreement between the town mayor of Minamisanriku and the manager of NEC Tohoku Branch was held to conclude the agreement.

NEC Group has been conducting Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction volunteer activities based in Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture since December of 2011, and in FY2015, we started volunteer activities to support the marketing work of Minamisanriku Tourism Association through NEC Pro Bono Initiative using NEC Group employees' expertise.

We will continue to help Minamisanriku Town and strengthen our relationship with them for creating new community development focusing on ICT, tourism and education by adapting to their changing needs.

Encouragement Award, Environmental Human Resource Building Corporate Award 2014 category (Updated on October 2)

Photo: (Left) Mr. Itaru Yasui, Chief Juror (Right) Mr. Kamei from NEC

NEC's biodiversity conservation activities (NEC Paddy Making Project, NEC Nature Quest in Shiba Park, NEC Living Nature Observation Team in Abiko) received the "Encouragement Award" for the Environmental Human Resource Building Corporate Award 2014 category sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment.

They evaluated whether the organization was forward-thinking in biodiversity environmental education and making continuous improvements.

The 6th Make a CHANGE Day Award (Updated on October 2)

Photo: (Left) Mr. Suzuki, Chairperson of Make a CHANGE Day Executive Committee (Right) Ms. Morizane, Department Manager, CSR Promotion and Social Contributions Office of NEC

"NEC Pro Bono Initiative" received the grand prize of "6th Make a CHANGE Day Award."
The pioneering spirit and originality of "NEC Pro Bono Initiative" where NEC Group employees utilize their expertise (project management, marketing, programming, etc.) to solve issues entrepreneurs and NPOs are facing were evaluated.

"Smart Energy Class and Para-Sports Trial Class" were held in corporation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government. (Updated on October 1, 2015)

Para-Sports Trial Class

September 13, 2015, the Para-Sports (sports for people with disabilities) Trial Class for realizing "a society where people help each other" and the Smart Energy Class to learn about electricity were held at the Tokyo Welfare Center for People with Disabilities (Minato-ku).
88 people participated in this event.

In the Para-Sports Trial Class, the participants enjoyed "Boccia" by following the instructions of instructors from Tokyo Sports Association for the Disabled.

Smart Energy Class

In the Smart Energy Class, the participants created a model of a house with solar lights lit, and learned about energy by measuring the electrical current of home appliances using a clamp meter.

NEC will continue to conduct various programs in corporation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Autumn Evening Concert was held in Shiba Park, Minato-ku. (Updated on October 1, 2015)

Shiba Park, Minato-ku

On September 12, 2015, "Midori no Ongakutai (Green Orchestra)" of NEC Fielding performed famous autumnal Japanese music and worldwide smash hit music in Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo where the Tokyo Tower can be seen, and their performance made the visitors, both children and grown-ups, smile.

This concert was realized thanks to the biodiversity conservation program "NEC Nature Quest in Shiba Park".

Conducted fundraising and donation drive for Nepal Earthquake Relief (Updated on July 15)

Received a letter of appreciation from NGO Japan Platform. From the left: Mr. Hirano (Assistant Director, Public Relations Division, Japan Platform), Ms. Morizane (Department Manager, CSR Promotion and Social Contributions Office of NEC), Mr. Kurihara (Vice Chairman, NEC Group Federation of Workers' Unions)

We would like to express our heartfelt grief to all victims of the Nepal Earthquake which struck on April 25, 2015.

NEC Group conducted a fundraising activities for Nepal Earthquake Relief to collect donations from our employees and donated 2 million yen to the NGO Japan Platform. We received a letter of appreciation from Japan Platform.

Rice Planting in NEC Paddy Making Project (Updated on July 7)

On Saturday, June 6, approximately 110 NEC Group employees and their families participated in rice plating at the NEC Rice Field in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The previous day's rain made the rice field very muddy, so all participants, comprising both adults and children, carefully planted rice one by one becoming covered with mud all over. We finished this year's planting for a 0.5 acres rice field.
On that day, Bayfm's "THE FLINTSTONE" came to report our activity.

Visited Ushiku City Hall in Ibaraki Prefecture to report about the "NEC Paddy Making Project" activity (April 24)

From the left: Mr. Kamei (NEC), Mr. Ikeda (NEC), Ms. Morizane (NEC), Mr. Ikebe, the mayor of Ushiku City, Ms. Matsushita (NEC), Mr. Iijima (Director General of the Asaza Fund)

NEC Paddy Making Project borrows the rice fields in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture to conduct the rice field reclamation activity with the goal of “Return Japanese Crested Ibises to Nature in 100 years” in cooperation with NPO Asaza Fund.

It has been 5 years since we started this activity in Ushiku City, and on April 22, 2015, we visited the mayor of Ushiku City to report our activity in the last year.
We have already started the preparation for rice planting, and the activity for 2015 will begin with rice planting in June on a full scale.

The Band of NEC Tamagawa will hold a regular concert! (Updated on April 8, 2015)

Image: The Band of NEC Tamagawa will hold a regular concert!

The Band of NEC Tamagawa will hold the "33rd Regular Concert" at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall on Saturday, May 30.
As with the "14th NEC Charity Concert", we appreciate donations to "Friends of El Sistema Japan" for Great East Japan Earthquake Support.

A special event to select and invite 20 pairs (40 persons) from questionnaire respondents who wrote contact information to the regular concert was held at the venue of the "14th NEC Charity Concert". Thank you for the applications.
Lottery results will be notified by sending invitation post cards. If you receive the invitation, bring it to the concert.

We will be waiting to see you at the concert.

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