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Awards were given to the "NEC World Children's Nature Club" in Japan and China. (Updated on March 13, 2015)

The "NEC World Children's Nature Club" won the "Review Committee Encouragement Prize" of FY2014 "Youth Experience Activity Promoting Company Awards" organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
This program is designed for elementary school children in Japan, Malaysia, China and Taiwan to develop a global viewpoint and experience their local nature and culture by communicating through a video teleconference system.
NEC China also won the 2014 CSR China Education Award (organized by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Communist Youth League of China) with this program.

Proposing a new working style for women! "NEC Womenomics Project" Started (Updated on February 19, 2015)

Photo of Lecture

On Thursday, February 5, 2015, a social contribution program "NEC Womenomics Project", proposing a new working style for women by using ICT in the era of Womenomics, was held in cooperation with NPO Niiza Childcare Support Network.

This program is a website creation course for women who cannot work as a member of an organization due to childcare or nursing care reason, and an open source blog creation tool "WordPress" used all over the world is employed in this course. This course helps them work in their own style by producing and publishing information on their own while balancing "working" and "day-to-day life". Eight (8) women participated in this course and enjoyed learning in warm atmosphere on this day.

Report on the 14th NEC Charity Concert (Updated on February 19, 2015)

The "NEC Charity Concert - Love and Hope for Children Flying into the World! -" was held at Muza Kawasaki Hall on Saturday, January 31.  On that day in Kawasaki, the snow stopped and the weather improved enough to go out, 1,770 people came to the concert and enjoyed the performance of the "Band of NEC Tamagawa".

1,071,216 yen (book sales included) was collected at the venue.

The collected money was donated to the "Friends of El Sistema Japan" as part the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support.

The donation will be used as funds for the activities which provide children in Soma City, Fukushima and Otsuchi Town, Iwate with dreams and hopes through music.

Briefing for "Help Mark" was held for NEC Group companies.(Updated on December 25)

Photo of the briefing held for NEC Group companies

On December 19, 2014, a briefing for the “Help Mark” (a mark issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for those who need assistance) was held at the NEC headquarters building for the personnel from CSR promotion divisions of NEC Group companies.

Personnel from 4 NEC Group companies, NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd., NEC Fielding, Ltd., and NEC Capital Solutions, Ltd., attended the briefing to deepen their understanding of the significance and how to use the “Help Mark”.

The briefing will be held for promoters (assigned to promote the activities for each NEC Group site) of the NEC Group’s “NEC Make-a-Difference Drive (MDD)” local community contribution activities in February of 2015.

"NEC IT Communication Support Course for People with Severe Disabilities" was held for the first time at the Tokyo Welfare Center for People with Disabilities! (Updated on December 25)

On Sunday, November 23, 2014, the “NEC IT Communication Support Course for People with Severe Disabilities” to support ICT communications for people with severe neurological diseases was held for the first time in cooperation with NPO Information and Communication Technology Rescue Team at the Tokyo Welfare Center for People with Disabilities (5-chome, Shiba, Minato-ku).

A special summer vacation event with the theme “Universe” was held in early August in cooperation with the Tokyo Welfare Center for People with Disabilities, with this course being a follow-on event and the second of local community collaboration activities.

On that day, 42 medical professionals including occupational and physical therapists, nurses, and care managers participated in this course and experienced various IT devices. The director of the center demonstrated high regard for our activities to support people with disabilities.

Tsuchiura AEON Cheers Club experienced forest conservation at NEC rice field! (Updated on December 25)

On Sunday, December 7, 2014, 20 children from the Tsuchiura AEON Cheers Club experienced rice field revitalization at the NEC Rice Field in Kamioota, Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Mr. Iijima, Director General of the Asaza Fund and partner of NEC Paddy Making Project, provided instruction for the activity.

Children tried bamboo mowing and Toukou (old method of trampling cultivation), and caught and observed crayfish, killifish and water striders with an insect net. The children’s cheerful laughter echoed over the rice field despite the cold weather.

Partnering with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to promote "Help Mark" for realizing a society where people help each other (Updated on December 25)

We held the special summer vacation event “Toward a Big Dream” for hearing-impaired children and invited a JAXA employee who is also hearing impaired as a guest of honor in cooperation with the Tokyo Welfare Center for People with Disabilities, which led to the “Help Mark” promotion activity in partnership with the public (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) together with the private sector.

The “Help Mark” is an indication that the person with it needs help or consideration as they use a prosthetic limb or artificial joint, suffers from internal disabilities or severe diseases, or is in early pregnancy which is difficult to determine from their appearance.

The NEC Group will help promote Help Mark.

"NEC Guide-Dog Visits" was held for a school event. (Updated on December 4, 2014)

On November 20, 2014, “NEC Guide-Dog Visits” was held at Naritahigashi Elementary School in Tomiya Town, Miyagi Prefecture.

The event was held as a school event for the 3rd grade students, where 90 students and 60 parents and guardians participated to experience the walking method for visually-impaired people and walk with guide-dogs, and listened to talks about life with a guide-dog given by a visually-impaired person.

Participating parents and guardians commented, “Seeing guide-dogs up close was a very valuable experience for children and even for us as parents”, “It was good to know that guide-dogs with a harness are on duty and we must not touch or call them when they are wearing one”, as well as “This program should be given to all grade students.”

NEC Paddy Making Project, experiencing "grain threshing" and "Fumikou" (or Toukou, old method of trampling cultivation) (Updated on November 21, 2014)

On November 16, 2014, 110 NEC Group employees and their families participated in this project conducted at the rice field in Kamioota, Ushiku City in cooperation with NPO Asaza Fund, and experienced grain threshing using traditional agricultural equipment and Fumikou in a fallow field.

In the grain threshing process, participants used traditional agricultural equipment called Gakon (foot-operated thresher) to remove unhulled rice from rice plants, and used a winnower which uses a fan to sort out unhulled rice from straw and dust.

In the Fumikou process, participants exercised an ancient (Jomon era) farming method, forming a line in the rice field, stamping on weeds and dead leaves so that the stamped areas became puddles and eventually a wet field where various natural life forms can inhabit, reviving an approximately 200m2 field.

Sorting unhulled rice with winnower

100 elementary school students visited the "NEC Rice Field"! (Updated on November 10, 2014)

On Monday, October 20, 2014, about 100 4th grade elementary school students from Okada Elementary School in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture visited the revived rice field (Kamioota, Ushiku City) of “NEC Paddy Making Project” as part of their classroom activity.

Children at Okada Elementary School created a biotope at their school and observed natural life forms which inhabit near-by rice fields and Onogawa as part of environmental learning conducted by NPO Asaza Fund, a program partner of the NEC Paddy Making Project.

This visit was realized because the children wanted to compare natural life forms in their school vicinity and the NEC rice field, catching dragon flies, mantises and killifish with insect nets and recording the observation results.

Reported that NEC was selected for the "100 Greatest Water and Greenery Network Sites in Kanto" (Updated on November 10, 2014)

NEC Abiko Plant was selected for the “100 Greatest Water and Greenery Network Sites in Kanto” organized by the Kanto Regional Development Association and Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan. On October 6, 2014, we visited the Abiko City Hall to report this news.

There is a spring-fed pond that emanates from the Tone River, and "Copera tokyoensis", the endangered species (IB, EN: Endangered) listed by the Ministry of the Environment, is found around the pond. The site was selected because the wetland provides a habitat for rare natural life forms and the activity is conducted in collaboration with a local citizen group (Teganuma Aquatic Organism Research Association), local government (Akibo City Hall) and corporation (NEC).

The mayor of Abiko City commented, “I hope that you will continue this activity for the education for children in Abiko City in collaboration with the local government and corporations in many fields.”

We started accepting participant applications for the "NEC Charity Concert at Kawasaki" to be held on January 31, 2015. (Updated on October 22)

Saturday, January 31, 2015, the 14th NEC Charity Concert will be held at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall.

The theme will be “Love and Hope for Children Flying into the World!”

Famous music which can be enjoyed by children and adults will be performed.

The Band of NEC Tamagawa made up of NEC Group employees which won the first prize of All Japan Band Competition, Workplace Category, will perform.

This concert is a homegrown concert where employee volunteers participate in its operation.

The donations collected at this concert will be provided to an organization, the “Friends of El Sistema Japan”, which provides children in Fukushima who physically and mentally suffered from a nuclear power plant accident and Tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake with dreams and hopes through music, and expands opportunities to express themselves.

Your donation will be appreciated.

We started accepting applications for the NEC Nature Quest in Shiba Park to be held on November 30. (Updated on October 22)

Since 2011, we have held the “NEC Nature Quest in Shiba Park” to create the “Biodiversity Garden” and clean up the park under the slogan “Habitat for Parantica sita butterflies in Shiba Park". This time, we will hold an event to enjoy the nature with your families and friends in Shiba Park No. 1 area in the heart of the city.

Feel the autumn and enjoy the nature in the city!

The First ICT Communication Support Course for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) Patients was held! (Updated on October 6)

On Saturday, September 13, 2014, the "NEC IT Communication Support Course for People with Severe Disabilities" to support ICT communications for people with severe neuronal diseases was held in cooperation with NPO Information and Communication Technology Rescue Team at National Hospital Organization Omuta Hospital in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

This course has provided support for people with incurable neuromuscular diseases such as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and muscular dystrophy since the course started in 2008, and this course was held for the first time for patients with the severe neuronal disease SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) which develops during childhood.

On that day, 24 medical professionals including doctors, nurses, public health nurses, therapists and speech pathologists participated in this course and experienced various IT devices. We received comments such as "I leaned that involving each patient with great care expands the possibilities of children." and "This course was designed for child medical care, but it touched on many areas that can also be applied to adult medical care so I learned many things. Thank you very much." from the participants.

NEC Paddy Making Project "Weed Removing & Firefly Watching" (Updated on August 26)

On July 26, 2014, an activity to remove weeds was conducted in the rice field in Kamioota, Ushiku City in cooperation with NPO Asaza Fund, praying for a good harvest in autumn.

Since no agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers are used for the rice field, many water weeds such as Monochoria vaginalis grew in the field, which were removed completely by about 90 people from NEC Group companies and their families.

Firefly watching was held at night.

This summer, six species of frogs (Japanese tree frog, Japanese brown frog, Schlegel's green tree frog, Tokyo Rana brevipoda, wrinkled frog and Azuma toad) which should inhabit this region were found in the rice field which has been revived gradually.

NEC Living Nature Observation Team in Abiko - "Aquatic Microorganism Observation with Handmade Microscope & Invasive Species Removal Fishing" - (Updated on August 26)

On August 2, 2014, we invited Mr. Asama from the Chiba Ecosystem Laboratory and created a handmade microscope using a pet bottle to observe aquatic microorganisms in the NEC Abiko Plant.

Aquatic planktons were collected from a spring-fed pond located in the site, and Spirogyra and others were observed using the handmade microscope.

Invasive species removal fishing was also conducted at the pond and 200 bluegills were removed on this day.

August 23, a special summer vacation event "Toward a Big Dream" to be held! (Updated on August 18)

We will hold a special summer vacation event “Toward a Big Dream” for hearing-impaired children in cooperation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Ms. Akiko Hasegawa (hearing-impaired), an employee of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), who fulfilled her childhood dream to have a space-related job, will be invited as a guest of honor to give a speech, and the movie “Welcome Home, Hayabusa” (2010, Shochiku) will be shown with closed captions.

NEC holds social contribution events to promote establishing a society where people accept differences (uniqueness and characteristics) and respect each other in collaboration with the government, and also promotes realizing a diverse and thriving society.

NEC Galileo Club Creative Experiment Classroom was held in a hospital school for the first time! (Updated on June 10)

On June 2, 2014, a creative experiment classroom was held at the Nagano Children’s Hospital. NEC Galileo Club started in 1996 and is held at schools and science museums nationwide. But this is the first time to be held at a hospital. About ten children from preschool kids to high-school students participated in the class and enjoyed creating “dancing robots” by combining paper cups with model motors.

NEC Group employees enjoyed rice planting while aiming to build a habitat for Japanese crested ibises. (Updated on June 5)

On May 31, 2014, traditional rice planting work was conducted at the rice field in Kamioota, Ushiku City as part of the NEC Paddy Making Project to revive the deserted idle fields in cooperation with NPO Asaza Fund.

The “NEC Paddy Making Project” to revive rice fields and build a habitat for Japanese crested ibises started in FY2004 as part of the employee volunteer local community contribution activities “NEC Make-a-Different Drive (MDD)” and it has continued for over a decade. The weather was fine, the temperature exceeded 30°C, and approximately 110 NEC Group employees and their families gathered in the early morning and enjoyed rice planting as they were in the knee-deep mud.

Used tennis balls that eliminate unpleasant noise in a classroom were donated to an elementary school in Miyazaki Prefecture. (Updated on June 5)

On May, 27, 2014, we received a request from Nishi Elementary School in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, and donated 200 used tennis balls.

The manager of Miyazaki Branch of NEC Kyushu presented the tennis balls to the principal and the local media reported the event. The used tennis balls were attached to the desks and chairs in the 1st and 2nd grade classrooms.

These balls are used to reduce unpleasant noises made when moving desks and chairs by attaching the balls to feet of desks and chairs.

They reduce unpleasant noise made when moving desks and chairs, and provide students with a quiet classroom.

A dialog to discuss a town development through IT was held. (Updated on June 5)

On May 26, 2014, a dialog conducted by the NPO Asaza Fund and NEC Group employees was held at the NEC Headquarters Building. The NPO Asaza Fund is the program partner of NEC Paddy Making Project and helps the nature restoration in Kasumigaura watershed area.

Four attendees from the Asaza Fund including Mr. Iijima, Director General of the Asaza Fund, and 12 engineers from various divisions of NEC Group participated in this dialog to exchange opinions about the utilization of past data collected by the network sensors and the concept of agricultural machinery robot creation with the theme of “Possibility of contributions to environmental conservation through IT.”

The Wheelchair Tennis Tour "Japan Open 2014" movie is uploaded! (Updated on June 2)

Shingo Kunieda, the winner of men’s singles and the world top-ranked player, with network broadcasting volunteer staff from NEC Kyushu Branch

NEC has served as the sponsor for the Wheelchair Tennis Tour organized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for over 20 years.

In 2009, we launched the Internet live broadcasting of the finals of Japan Open in cooperation with NPO STAND.

We created a promotion movie with the cooperation of Mr. Kunieda to popularize wheelchair tennis and attract attention to this tournament.

We also created a digest version by editing the broadcasting movies of “Japan Open 2014” finals held on May 18, 2014.

Watch the heated games among the athletes aiming for the top.

"NEC Nature Quest in Shiba Park" received the 49th Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association Award, Encouragement Prize. (Updated on May 27)

"NEC Nature Quest in Shiba Park" received the Encouragement Prize of the 49th Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association Award organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association.

Since 2011, we created the "Biodiversity Garden" in Shiba Park which is located in the neighborhood of NEC Headquarters Building to provide a habitat for migrating “Parantica sita butterflies”, improving the environmental awareness of employees and contributing to the local community.

We held short lunch time gardening in which employees can participate casually and family events in which employees and their families can participate on holidays, and more than 920 participants participated from 12 companies in NEC Group.

Won the special prize of jury's special award "Environment and Corporation", the 1st Good Life Award (Updated on April 28)

The "NEC Paddy Making Project with Asaza Fund" won the special prize of jury’s special award "Environment and Corporation" at the 1st Good Life Award hosted by the Ministry of the Environment.

This activity started in FY2004 for NEC Group employees and their families as part of biodiversity conservation and environmental awareness improvement activities in cooperation with NPO Asaza Fund, and 11,100 people participated in total ever since.

We aim for "Return Japanese Crested Ibises to Nature in 100 years" by reviving rice fields abandoned for over 30 years and building nature-friendly environment through chemical-free rice cultivation.

In addition, a local sake maker, Shiragiku Shuzo Co., Ltd., produces an original sake "IT de Eco" (not for sale) using the harvested rice.

These activities were highly recognized as an effort to support good lives and won the award.

Revised leaflet introducing NEC's social contribution activities was published! (Updated on April 11)

NEC’s social contribution activities promote various programs based on the four mid-term themes of “Establish a safe and secure society”, “Include everyone in the digital society”, “Address climate change (global warming) and environmental preservation” and “Nurturing diverse human resources”.

A new leaflet introducing the activities of the NEC “TOMONI” Project to conduct the Tohoku reconstruction support activity and the NEC Make-a-Difference Drive (MDD) that worldwide NEC Group employees participate in the local community social contribution activities in their own communities in addition to other programs conducted by NEC was published. Please check this out.

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