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Collection activities

Supporting Disaster Areas and Developing Countries Through Collection Activities

NEC promotes accessible collection activities in which group members can effortlessly participate.
We support disaster sites and developing countries by collecting and donating things you might forget.

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Bellmarks They will be donated to elementary and junior high schools in Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture where the activity base of Tohoku reconstruction supports the 'NEC "TOMONI" Project' activity, one of the social contribution activities of the NEC Group is located. Bellmark collection activity is conducted as part of the educational support of reconstruction cooperation agreement concluded with Minamisanriku Town in November 2015.
Used Postage Stamps Through the activities of the NPO "LIFE: Live with friends on the Earth," used stamps help to improve the living conditions for Indian and Indonesian people.
Used Telephone Cards and Tokyo Disney Resort® Passports Used telephone cards are contributed to the charitable organization Shapla Neer, which supports children and villagers in rural areas in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal who work.
Miswritten stamped Postcards We support literacy education of people in developing countries through the World Terakoya Movement by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan.
Foreign Coins We support health, nourishment, clean water and sanitation, and education of children in developing countries for children's survival and healthy development through the Japan Committee for UNICEF.
Eco Caps 860 plastic bottle caps (eco caps) are worth one vaccine in developing countries.We support vaccinations for children all over the world through the Ecocap Movement.
Books We help the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Program of BOOKOFF Online CORPORATION.Used books (including CD, DVD and games) are collected from the entire NEC Group, BOOKOFF buys them, then the money is donated to the Mobile Library Program of the Shanti Volunteer Association to buy books which people in the disaster areas want to read.
Used Tennis Balls Attaching used tennis balls to feet of desks and chairs reduces unpleasant noise made when moving desks and chairs in classrooms.
Using used tennis balls which would have been discarded reduces the environmental burden.