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NEC Social Innovation School for Senior Expert

Number of participants who are still active in the next stage: 17/33 (Total number since 2011)

Continuous program for seniors who want to work in businesses by utilizing their seasoned skills and experience for solving social issues

Scene of NEC Social Innovation School for Senior Expert

NEC Social Innovation School for Senior Expert is a six-month continuous program for those who want to utilize their seasoned skills and experience for society after retirement.

Since 2011, in cooperation with Japan Philanthropic Association, the program helps corporate retirees and seniors to become NPO and NGO professional volunteers (pro bono) or social business entrepreneurs, and creates new businesses and employments in the community.

Detailed Activities

Japan Philanthropic Association (Japanese)

* Currently, this program is not available.

Comments from participants (Male, 50s, 3rd session)

  • This program gave me many suggestions to utilize my corporate career in the next step.
    Participants can join seminars and how-to programs, and obtain ideas useful to determine the direction of the next stage of their lives in terms of social contribution. It was also fun to meet people at the same stage in life, and I thank people for giving me the opportunity to participate in the program.

Comments from a partner organization: from Ms. Yoko Takahashi, the President of Japan Philanthropic Association

  • Business skills required at Non-Profit-Organizations is quite similar to what required at corporations. Leveraging skills developed at the corporations and working for NPO activities after retirement would lead to contribution for society and creation of new purpose of life. We wish NEC-sponsored "Takumi" program participants could enjoy new step of their life and inspires next generation.

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