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NEC IT Lectures for Mothers Raising Children

771 participants and held 47 times across the country since it was launched in 2005, nine years ago.

Helping women improve their IT skills so that they can smoothly re-enter the workforce

Scene of NEC IT Lectures for Mothers Raising Children

NEC IT Lectures for Mothers Raising Children are training sessions for mothers currently taking time off work to raise children to provide them with the IT skills they will need to re-enter the workforce. The sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of women raising children such as by providing childcare facilities for participants. NEC has been holding these training sessions since 2005, in cooperation with non-profit organizations and local child-raising groups.
When mothers reach a stage in child rearing where they can think about finding a job again, one of the barriers is IT skills, the minimum of which are now requisite for people looking for work. However, many women have difficulty taking classes due to issues of scheduling and child care support.

NEC is also making strong efforts to hold these courses in areas affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake to help mothers without the requisite computer skills and who are having difficulty re-entering the workforce find much needed work.

* Currently, this program is not available.

Comments from Participants

  • The childcare facility really helped me relax and learn with ease.
  • After participating in the course, I was able to overcome my feeling of not being good at IT and now feel positive about re-entering the workforce in the future.
  • I used to count facility users manually, but from now on I want to count and analyze this data with Excel, using what I learned in the training session.

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