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Corporate Citizen Activities

o implement the "seven themes for social value creation", which are aligned with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, NEC drives social contributions through its core line of business and promotes corporate citizen activities aimed at solving social issues in the mid and long term under the slogan of "Think Globally, Act Locally" with its employees acting as good corporate citizens

Social entrepreneur development & pro bono

NEC Social Entrepreneurship School

Supports the nurturing of social entrepreneurs who solve the social issues for students and youth who will shape our future.

NEC Pro Bono Initiative

Programs to support social entrepreneurs in solving issues through using the skills of NEC Group professionals.


Asuchare! Academy

Realizing an inclusive society in which everyone understands each other's differences and respects each other.
NEC agrees to the vision of this educational and awareness-raising program and sponsors its activities.

NEC IT Communication Support Course for People with Severe Disabilities

We help people with severe disabilities, mainly those with incurable neuromuscular diseases such as ALS and muscular dystrophy, communicate using IT such as "Operate Navi" (software that supports PC operations for those with disabilities of the upper limbs).

NEC Guide-Dog Visits

Guide-dog educational classes are held in elementary and junior high schools throughout Japan. NEC Guide-Dog Visits are used to teach participants about guide dogs through talks given by guide-dog users, having them take part in visual impairment simulations and guide dog demonstrations, etc., and help to establish a society friendly to people with visual impairments and guide dogs.

High School Sign Language Speech Contest in Japan

This contest is held every year by the Asahi Shimbun Social Welfare Organization to encourage the independent activities of high school students involved in learning sign language or in sign language club activities, and to popularize sign language and promote welfare activities. NEC agrees with the goals of this contest, and has continuously given our support since the first contest (held in 1984).

TOKYO Mimi College

Beginning in 2015, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government organizes an industry-government-academia collaboration event, TOKYO Mimi College (called "TOKYO Sign Language College" in 2015), with the aim of deepening understanding and interest in hearing impairment.
Since its start, NEC has co-hosted this event with Tokyo Metropolitan University.


NEC Wheelchair Tennis

NEC has served as the sponsor for the Wheelchair Tennis Tour organized by the International Tennis Federation for over 20 years in order to promote sports for those with disabilities.

Collaboration with the Tokyo Para-Sports Association

Collaboration with the Tokyo Para-Sports Association began in 2016.

Contribution Activities through Sports (Japanese)

The female volleyball team "NEC Red Rockets" is recognized as the "Kawasaki Sports Partner"by Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture where the team is based, holds "Volleyball Classes" for junior high school students in Kawasaki City, and a volleyball class for approximately 250 elementary and junior high school students in Inawashiro Town, Fukushima Prefecture in 2013. Moreover, the male rugby team "NEC Green Rockets" conducts commuting road cleanup activities in Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture where the team is based, and works to popularize rugby through the participation in Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support charity events and rugby classes for children.


Partnership with the Tokyo Voluntary Action Center

In 2019, NEC signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with the Tokyo Voluntary Action Center, which plays a central role in promoting volunteerism in Tokyo, in order to foster a volunteer culture, create volunteer legacies and promote the building of an inclusive society by leveraging the strengths of the two organizations.

Activities in local communities

Employees of the NEC Group across the world are committed to various activities to solve problems facing local communities.

Disaster support activities

NEC Group employees are doing multi-faceted support activities for disasters both at home and abroad, including fund-raising, volunteerism and ICT-based community development.

Food-related activities

A food aid program for children in developing countries is in place as an activity in which employees can readily participate.

Collection activities

The NEC Group promotes the collection of goods as a familiar, easy-to-participate activity. Collected goods are sent via NPOs and other organizations to provide support to disaster-affected regions and developing countries.

NEC Paddy Making Project

To improve the environmental awareness of NEC Group employees, a nature experience program from rice growing to sake-making is held throughout the year.
This project also seeks to develop and verify the contributing to ecosystem observation and biodiversity preservation using "IT and network technologies".

NEC Nature Quest in Shiba Park

In Minato Ward of Tokyo where the NEC headquarters building is located, we hold lunch time gardening and family events on holidays to create the "Biodiversity Garden" with the slogan of "Habitat for Parantica sita butterflies in Shiba Park".

NEC Living Nature Observation Team in Abiko

There is a spring-fed pond in the NEC Abiko Plant site, and the existence of the endangered Copera tokyoensis has been confirmed.
Living nature observations and invasive fish exterminations are held for NEC Group Employees and their families to conserve Copera tokyoensis 4 times a year.

NEC Green Conservation Activity in Fuchu

The "Tokyo Metropolitan Sengenyama Park" in Fuchu, Tokyo is the only place where "Hemerocallis middendorffi var. musashiensis"grow heartily in Japan, with NEC Group employees and their families taking care of the location by planting nursery plants and clearing underbrush.

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