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NEC Student Birdathon

21,758,561 yen total donations in the last 25 years

Nationwide bird-watching charity event!

Scene of NEC Student Birdathon

The "NEC Student Birdathon" is a nationwide nature conservation charity event launched in 1988 to improve awareness of birds and nature conservation through bird-watching activities by students interested in nature conservation activities.

Teams consisting of three participants compete based on the number of bird species they could find, and also compete based on the donated amount contracted with supporters beforehand for each bird species.The collected funds are donated to the Ramsar Center Japan as a wetland exchange program participation fee for children in Tohoku, and also used to cover the operating costs of the "KODOMO Ramsar for ESD" where children in Japan and Asia experience nature observation and discussion in a biodiversity wetland field.
This activity is conducted in cooperation with the nature conservation organization "Field Assistant Network", and NEC has been the sole sponsor since 1994.

* Currently, this program is not available.

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