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NEC Para-Sports Channel : Wheelchair Tennis


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The 31st Iizuka International Wheelchair Tennis Championships (Japan Open 2015) was held in Fukuoka Prefecture in May 2015.

In this championships, David Wagner from the U.S. and Dylan Alcott from Australia battled for the singles finals of the quad class for those with physical disabilities to the limbs, and Alcott won his first championship title after a full-set fierce battle.
In the women's singles finals, Yui Kamiji from Japan and Aniek van Koot from Netherlands battled for the women's singles finals, and globally ranked No. 1 Kamiji won a come-from-behind victory after losing the first set, holding the championship for three years running.

Meanwhile, in the men's singles finals,  , Shingo Kunieda, a leading Japanese athlete, and Gordon Reid from England faced off, with Kunieda defeating Reid in straight sets with his skilled tactics, winning his 8th championship.
Players took memorial photos with smiles at the end of the championships.

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