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NEC Community Concerts

A total of 31 concerts were held.

A great opportunity to listen to a live performance by a professional local orchestra and also support young musicians

NEC Community Concerts

The "NEC Community Concerts" program is a local contribution activity that was launched with the aim of promoting music culture and popularizing classical music. Through the program, professional local orchestras from around Japan are given an opportunity expand their fan base while helping to revitalize local communities. From 1997 to 2002 as the "NEC My Town Concerts”, and from 2003 to 2010 as the "NEC Community Concerts", a total of 31 concerts were held.

The concerts are organized so that even those unfamiliar with classic music can enjoy them. Attempts are also made to appoint talented new artists as soloists to appear with the orchestras, providing them with opportunities to step up their careers.

NEC volunteers also assist visitors in the concert halls and hold fundraising campaigns to support the musical activities of financially strapped orchestras who are making efforts to contribute to their local communities. With the collected donations, NEC holds workshops for children, mini-concerts and cultural forums, and other social contribution events. In addition to sponsoring concerts, NEC is also actively working on introducing new activities to build better relationships between orchestras and their local communities.

* Currently, this program is not available

Comments from Participants

  • I didn't know that NEC conducted activities to help orchestras and promote classic music. I think it is great.
  • I can see a bright future for young musicians who are provided with opportunities like these.

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