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Why NEC?

NEC has been consolidating as a global leader at the advancement of Information and Communication Technology. The NEC Group employs over 100 thousand people around the world, holds over 68 thousand patents and is proud of its more than 110 years of experience in ICT and networks.

NEC's commitment points to the contribution in the various social issues, on a global scale. Based on “Solutions for Society”, NEC operates in order to improve the social infrastructure through ICT solutions.

NEC’s technological capacity and know-how allow the organic combination of the individual infrastructures of its clients with the collective ones of the society, in order to create a new value. It operates in various industries including transportation, power and energy, water and food, and finance and health services. The goal is to reach the future with a safer, more efficient and equal society.

By making its clients more competitive, increasing productivity and efficiency and eliminating waste of time, effort, energy and costs, NEC contributes to this society of the future, creating innovative solutions that everyday place it at a higher level of performance in what it does best, that is, ICT focused on the society.

Why NEC? 10 reasons.

  • World leader in ICT solutions
  • 110 years of experience in IT and networks
  • Financially stable company committed to protect the investment of its clients
  • Environmentally friendly products and solutions focused on energy saving
  • State-of-the-art IT and network technology, for various industries
  • Proven experience in safety consulting and solutions
  • User-centered approach that accelerates processes
  • Commitment to open standards, ensuring great flexibility
  • Unparalleled technical support and high reliability
  • Local presence based on global vision

The fastest and most accurate recognition system in the world*

* proven by NIST
(National Institute of Standards and Technology)

EC’s facial and fingerprint recognition are unparalleled, once they provide high accuracy and selectivity, regardless of the database size, always with high resolution images. Through a wide range of tests and one-to-one verification, from small to large scale, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has validated the AFIS NEC as the best one inthe industry.

Therefore, working with NEC means having access to decades of biometrics experience and to proven high performance, accuracy and reliability biometric technologies.

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