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vMVNO solution

Field Proven Results of MVNO solution

Test Case- A Leading MVNO

Struggling to offer diverse and competitive services
along with bandwidth optimization


One of the leading MVNOs was facing the challenge below as part of its differentiation strategy from other MVNO competitors:

  • Full utilization of the purchased Bandwidth, in order to increase network efficiency
  • Implementation of unique mobile data services to increase revenue
  • Introduction of flexible mobile data plans to meet the diverse consumer needs

Solution suggested by NEC

Post the deployment of NEC's Virtualized MVNO Solution (vMVNO-GW + vPCRF), the MVNO was able to achieve the desired results


The leading MVNO was able to:

  • Accelerate the development and deployment of the mobile services
  • Maximize network usage
  • Increase subscribers by more than 30% & revenue by 3% year-on-year


Example of service plans

Figure: Example of service plans

Trends of MVNO market

Switch from low-end to value-added network services

Figure: Switch from low-end to value-added network services

MVNO market is getting highly competitive these days. Many MVNO players are suffering from the saturated market and the severe price competition.
Apportioning pipes or reselling capacity would no longer be a sustainable business model. User's needs are shifting to value-added services tailored to fit their changing conditions.

Success Formula for MVNO business

What is required for MVNOs to survive in this tough situation?
Network services are now required to have the new criteria more than "speed" or "price."
The success formula is to differentiate yourself from competitors by owning a key network element

Key Network Element

Figure: Key Network Element

Packet Gateway: GGSN/P-GW has a lot of functions and capabilities and plays one of the most important roles in service offering.
By owning GGSN/P-GW, MVNOs can become independent from host MNOs in terms of service offering and tariff planning, and have the flexibility to provision its own value-added services tailored for each target customer.

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