Safe Cities Index 2017

Security in a rapidly urbanizing world

About the Report

The Safe Cities Index 2017 is a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by NEC.
The report is based on the second iteration of the index, which ranks 60 cities across 49 indicators covering digital security, health security, infrastructure security, and personal security. Findings from the index were supplemented with wide-ranging research and in-depth interviews with experts in the field.

In many respects it’s the very success of cities, in their role as global social and economic hubs, that makes them more vulnerable. As rural residents head for the city in developing countries and wealthy global capitals draw in international talent, vast demographic shifts are creating cities with previously unimagined population sizes.

Man-made risks are also growing. Meanwhile, another major shift has come to the fore: the rapid deployment of digital technologies in pursuit of the so-called “smart city”. The technologies no doubt bring benefits. Yet the rush to embrace smart city technologies also creates vulnerabilities if investments in digital technologies are not accompanied by commensurate investments in cyber security. The index's key findings include the following:

  • In many cities, security is falling rather than rising.
  • Asian and European cities remain at the top of rankings.
  • Cities in the US perform poorly on infrastructure security but strongly on digital security.
  • Security remains closely linked to welath, but income is not the only factor governing city performance on security.

Read the report, which defines how to measure security in a rapidly urbanizing world.

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Data Workbook 2017

Downloading this workbook allows users to personalize the underlying data used to build the Safe Cities Index 2017: view individual city profiles, compare the scores of two cities, take a closer look at certain indicators or adjust the relative importance of an entire category.

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Infographic 2017

This downloadable infographic captures the key insights from the Safe Cities Index 2017

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