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NEC Public Safety Solution

Case: Tigre. The affluent city suburb of Buenos Aires

Keeping the city safe with our latest video analysis technology integrated with IoT(Internet of Things).
Tigre, Argentina. One of the important aspects of this tourist city that welcomes visitors from not only across Argentina but the world is to provide safety for both residents and visitors.
NEC has created a system that captures and analyzes the massive visual data in real-time using the 1,000-some cameras set up across the city.  When it detects any signs of trouble, the system immediately notifies the police. As a result, Tigre has seen nearly 40% reduction in car theft along with various improvements on safety.
For a safer city. NEC will continue to leverage the latest technology to support the lives in the city.


Video Analysis Technologies

- Face Recognition
 Our face recognition technology achieved the highest performance evaluation in official tests(*) for the third consecutive time. It identifies criminals and missing persons.
* result of the official tests conducted by a U.S. government agency.

- Behavior Detection
Monitor behavior likely to lead to criminal act with Behavior Detection Technology.

- License Plate Recognition
License plate recognition using super-resolution technology finds stolen cars.

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