NEC is driving the digital industrial revolution by deploying AI technologies across all of society’s value chains. Discover smarter ways to make the world a better place through artificial intelligence. We evolve A.I. for people.

We evolve A.I. for people. NEC the WISE

Leading the Way to a Brighter Future

NEC the WISE is a portfolio of AI technologies developed by NEC for enriching human intellect and creativity. This portfolio represents our strong determination to harness the wisdom of humans and AI working together to resolve the increasingly complex and intertwined issues society is facing today. NEC the WISE works seamlessly on the scene and behind the scenes to broaden the possibilities of every aspect of society from public safety to marketing and manufacturing. Look to NEC the WISE to lead the way to a brighter future for all.

NEC's lineup of cutting-edge AI technologies

*1: Ranked 1st four consecutive times in task assessment sponsored by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

*2: Ranked 1st in task assessment sponsored by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)(2012)


Quality control: Enabling identification and management of components invisible to the naked eye

NEC the WISE includes object fingerprint technology that serves to create efficiencies in manufacturing, inspection, maintenance, and part management processes. Certain small-size parts such as screws and bolts are too small to add ID tags or serial numbers, but they have specific dimensions, plus a unique "fingerprint" of patterns undetectable by the naked eye. By taking photos of them and registering them into a database before they are fitted, it becomes possible to check the dimensions of parts in situ, including their shape and length, which improves the efficiency of maintenance and inspection processes, and prevents parts from being fitted mistakenly, which can result in accidents.

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Counterfeit control: Guaranteeing product quality by distinguishing fakes from genuine articles

NEC the WISE includes object fingerprint technology that serves to identify individual items based on unique minute patterns that appear on the surface of industrial products and parts due to the manufacturing process—especially those invisible to the naked eye. By taking photos of these in advance and registering them in a database, counterfeit items can be distinguished from products that have been obtained via legitimate channels, even in the absence of ID tags. This technology also guarantees product quality based on traceability throughout manufacturing and distribution, which includes the registration of data from manufacturing plants and production lines, plus information such as production dates, the outlet where the item was purchased, and the purchase date.

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Busy Streets

Security control: Helping to find lost children in large crowds

NEC the WISE includes the world’s fastest and most accurate face recognition technology to quickly analyze images from security cameras, making it possible to search for lost children in large crowds of people. This technology can also be used to detect and identify suspicious persons and serve to prevent incidents before they occur. NEC's world-leading face recognition algorithm can also be relied upon for seamless control of access to restricted facilities, as well as controlling entry to public venues.

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Securing access: Ensuring seamless entry to restricted areas through face recognition

NEC the WISE includes face recognition technology that permits fast and accurate identification of individuals in order to control entry into office buildings and other facilities restricted to authorized personnel only. NEC's face recognition algorithm has been recognized for the world's highest authentication accuracy, which serves to enable quick and seamless access through electronic gates without bottlenecking. The technology is also applicable to the identification of individuals at entrances and exits of airports and public facilities, and event venues.

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Image control: Sharpening indistinct images from surveillance cameras for enhanced visibility

NEC the WISE includes image sharpening technology that serves to create safer streets and aids in relief efforts through first-of-its-kind technologies that improve the visibility of surveillance footage taken at night, in poor weather including conditions of fog or mist, and from long distances to achieve 24-hour real-time surveillance of large areas. Improved visibility enhances the accuracy of video surveillance. When face recognition technology is also applied, an even wider range of utility becomes possible, such as through the ability to accurately identify people in low-visibility conditions.


Commerce enhancement: Offering timely support to shoppers and convenient payment processes

NEC the WISE includes unique remote gaze detection technology capable of, via cameras located at a distance and in remote locations, detecting the direction in which people are looking. This makes it possible to identify people who are looking at merchandise based on shifts in their line of sight, and then offer them on-the-scene assistance. Face recognition technology makes it possible to identify an individual and enable quick and easy payment for a more convenient shopping experience.

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Marketing applications: Monitoring shopper behavior and interest level to induce sales

NEC the WISE includes remote gaze detection technology that helps merchandisers gauge the effectiveness of advertising based on how people engage with or respond to digital signage on the street or in stores, and to adjust marketing messages or induce sales activity. Using existing cameras and remote gaze detection technology, the direction in which multiple people are looking is detected in real time, from a distance. The technology can also be used to identify which items are of particular interest to individuals or groups of people in a store, in order to optimize inventory stock management.

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Infrastructure control: Remote detection of deterioration in bridges for timely maintenance and enhanced safety

NEC the WISE includes optical vibration sensing technology, a world's first that uses video to estimate the level of deterioration within critical public infrastructure, such as bridges. It works by measuring and analyzing the vibration of the images, then estimating the degree of internal deterioration, such as cracks, flaking, and cavities, based on the characteristics of the vibrations. This makes it possible to track the condition of infrastructure in remote areas without the expense and time required for erecting scaffolding or dispatching inspection teams to conduct physical tests, and to effectively prioritize repair operations.

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Crowd control: Detecting crowding levels, behavior patterns, and potentially dangerous situations

NEC the WISE includes special crowd behavior analysis technology that estimates the number of people in a crowd, ascertains crowding levels based on images from security cameras, and monitors crowd behavior in real time by analyzing video from groups of cameras to quickly determine any issues that may lead to dangerous situations. This includes accurate alerts and predictions that can be difficult for humans to ascertain. For example, if someone collapses in a crowd, the system can detect and analyze the behavior of those nearby and bring instant attention to the anomaly for quick action.

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