Brand story

Societies everywhere are faced with formidable challenges, such as safeguarding sustainable energy supplies, providing clean water, dealing with population growth and demographic change, improving emergency response, and raising quality of life. To address these issues, there is need for a new standard of intuitive, integrated ICT—one that makes possible the society of tomorrow.

For more than a century, NEC has been at the leading edge of technology that enriches people's lives. Today, as a major provider of ICT solutions for society, we collaborate closely with partners and customers around the world, bringing together sensors, computing, networking and analysis. We apply this expertise to create active data solutions that predict, monitor, and solve challenges, respond intelligently to adverse events, and turn unseen information into actionable wisdom.

We carefully oversee each project, orchestrating it to ensure that all parts work in harmony and are fine-tuned to resonate with local needs. We match human and technological resources to ensure our solutions deliver greater safety, security, efficiency and equality, and remain relevant during and beyond the transformation they bring about. These are the foundations on which governments can build prosperous communities and enterprises can innovate and grow, enabling people to live brighter lives.

We summarize this approach in our business message: Orchestrating a brighter world.

About the design

The design is based on a linear typeface that expresses innovativeness, reliability, and high quality, and the round letters express humanity and flexibility. "Orchestrating" emphasizes the comprehensive capability of the NEC Group to underpin social infrastructures. The change of color from blue to bright orange, expresses "a brighter world".

Orchestrating a brighter world