Smart Transportation

Smooth Transport Experience

Public transport congestion is a critical issue in urban areas. More efficient and stress-free transport modes are urgently needed.
NEC’s smart transportation solutions offer a smoother experience, safer and more efficient operations, and increased revenues for transport operators. They also increase the overall accessibility and connectivity of cities, contributing to thriving local communities and economic activity.

Offer transport services that are easily
accessible for everyone
Optimized Performance
Advanced transportation for safer, more
efficient and more comfortable service

Why NEC ?

  • 200+ customers
    200+ customers in approx.
    20 countries
  • 30years
    30+ years of experience
    in public transportation
  • World-ClassR&D
    Global R&D network,
    with labs in Singapore,
    Germany and Japan

Case Study

Citybus & NWFB / NEC Laboratories Singapore

Intelligent Bus Service for Urban Customer Satisfaction

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