Digital Government

Better Service, Improved Citizen Experience

Paper-based processes can be time-consuming and complex, both for governments and citizens. They are also susceptible to clerical errors or even fraud.
NEC’s digital government solutions make administrative operations more efficient and enable easy analysis for detecting potential problems. Citizens also benefit from more convenient public services, increasing transparency and trust between governments and citizens.

Optimized and
Secure Operation
Optimize services for citizens, and
reduce fraud and errors for more efficient
Public Services
Provide citizens with more control over their
personal information, and make applications
and processing for public services easier

Why NEC ?

  • 30+ years
    30+ years of experience in
    developing administrative
  • 20%
    Technology used in
    ID systems covering almost
    20% of the global population
  • Cutting-EdgeAI
    Powerful data analysis
    capabilities of “NEC the WISE”

Case Study

Unique Identification Authority of India

Biometric Identification for Over 1 Billion People

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