The technology that holds the key to resolving labor shortages
Unraveling the issues that construction sites face

In developed countries, a plethora of urban renewal projects are being launched, while in growing countries, urbanization is accelerating as a consequence of economic growth. Amid these developments, various problems relating to work performed in the field—including construction and maintenance inspections—are once again under the spotlight. In developed countries, declining birthrates and aging societies have caused problems of labor shortage. In turn, these issues have made it harder to maintain the continuity of specialized skills among workers. Another vexing problem is the increased burden of maintenance work required to maintain essential infrastructure, such as roads and sewage systems.
Meanwhile, the current reality in growing countries is that there is a lack of knowledge concerning the maintenance and operation of structures and the infrastructure that has been developed, and insufficient safety measures instituted as part of work in the field has led to frequent accidents. Around the world, it is imperative to resolve these issues and to bring about a transformation of the way fieldwork is done. Potential solutions in the form of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) have been receiving considerable notice. There are considerable expectations that applying these technologies will transform fieldwork that has until now been primarily performed by hand, and will be able to deliver new styles of work that balance safety and security with efficiency. NEC will make maximum use of the cutting-edge technologies that it has researched and developed through the accumulation of large amounts of technical expertise and knowledge to organically connect people with things, people with machines, and people with data using ICT. It will provide new styles of work in various fields. This report discusses cutting-edge initiatives that revolutionize work performed in the field.

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