New approaches essential to relieve traffic congestions in world cities

The ever-increasing global population and its centralization in larger cities are among some factors creating a serious issue of traffic congestions in growing cities.
Traffic congestions not only lead to economic and time losses, but contribute to air pollution and global climate change. It is without question, one of the core issues in traffic infrastructure design in urban areas.
Amid this trend, the development and introduction of the next-generation traffic infrastructure that addresses the issue of traffic congestion is ongoing around the world.
The next-generation traffic infrastructure will achieve high cost efficiency and lower environmental burden while providing smoother, and safer means of transportation for urban residents.
The cornerstone in this mission is the latest ICT.
NEC offers ICT-based next-generation traffic infrastructure in collaboration with local firms and other organizations in Japan and other parts of the world, including Asia and Europe.
NEC has already delivered systems in Japan and other countries that have not only reduced traffic congestions, but also established safe and secure transportation for users and a framework for early responses in the event of accidents.
This report overviews NEC's cutting-edge technologies and efforts in the areas of traffic infrastructure networks and systems, which NEC has developed over the years.

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