Bringing Amazing Ideas to Life

How might we change the future for the better?
More freedom? More fascination?
It’s inspiring to dream up the endless possibilities,
even more so when they actually come true.
With optimal technologies and co-creations,
NEC exists to realize these ideas,
for our partners and for the world.

A Brighter Future for All of Society

Together let us discover new opportunities, connect with new partners and take on new challenges for a brighter future.


Safer and more convenient lives

For everyone to enjoy new and more convenient digital services, being able to place trust in how personal data is protected and secured by all parties involved is crucial. That is why NEC is committed to Privacy by Design and Security by Design. Technologies such as biometric authentication, block-chain and cybersecurity help ensure better data security and privacy, upon which trust is built.


Discovering greater possibilities

Big data can be turned into valuable insights by using cutting-edge technologies such as AI. NEC’s unique strength lies in being able to utilize explainable AI, whereby the logic behind the conclusion can be defined, so that the vast knowledge and experience of a wide range of industries can be utilized to discover unknown possibilities that can make the future brighter.


Real-time and borderless connectivity

Co-creation using 5G and AR/VR technologies can eliminate the hurdles posed by physical distance and enable people to interact more deeply in real-time and with more precision. People and even entire ecosystems can be connected digitally, yet feel as if they are meeting in person so that sharing of knowledge, expertise and passion can be done with great ease.

Value Creation

Exciting and novel experiences

Amazing ideas should always be designed around people. And any exciting and novel experiences should be carefully tailored to each individual. Transcending time and space, people will be able to take on new challenges more freely. NEC will create such amazing experiences and new value with our customers and partners for a brighter future where people can lead enriched lives.

What Could the Future Bring?

  • Story

    Meet the Smiths, a family of four made up of Dad, a doctor, Mom, a designer, and inquisitive twin girls who are in elementary school. They’ve decided to spend three months abroad, in search of new experiences. This is the start of their exciting new life.

    What might life be like in a future where amazing ideas have been brought to life? Let’s take a look, through the eyes of the Smith family.