Smart Energy

Efficient, sustainable and cost-effective power is critical for a safe and secure society. As variable electricity generation like wind and solar increases, however, this becomes harder to provide.

NEC is enabling the digital transformation of the electricity sector through cost-effective and reliable energy storage systems, combined with an advanced energy enterprise platform.

New Business
Realize new revenue and business models
in electricity markets being transformed by
renewable energy and energy storage
Less Expensive,
More Secure
Use energy storage to reduce demand
charges and shift consumption to lessexpensive
times, as well as to provide
backup power

Why NEC ?

  • 400megawatts
    Over 400 MW of energy storage systems installed, under construction or awarded
  • 14countries
    Implemented projects in 14 countries
  • 10+ years
    10+ years of experience
    in grid energy storage

Case Study

Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation

Europe’s Largest Lithium-Ion Battery System

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