Strengths in ICT that Support Social Value Creation

NEC has many differentiating factors that support social value creation, including our cutting-edge AI-technology cluster “NEC the WISE”; our Smart Connectivity technology that creates new value through connecting people, things and contexts; and our multimodal biometric authentication brand “Bio-IDiom,” which is made up of technologies unique to NEC.
This is how we use our strengths in ICT to create social value.

Our cutting-edge AI-technology cluster “NEC the WISE” consists of multiple technologies. By combining various AI technologies that are either one-of-a-kind or the best in the world, we are able to swiftly and flexibly resolve problems in a wide range of scenarios, and thereby create value.

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NEC the WISE’s face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, textual entailment recognition, and acoustic situation awareness were ranked No. 1 in tests performed by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

A Cluster of over

We have developed a diverse range of AI technologies to meet a variety of societal and business needs.

Reduction in Waste from Daily Deliveries

By forecasting demand leveraging AI analyses of various data, we have enabled the placement of orders without loss or waste.

We ensure that the data from the many IoT devices connected to networks are securely transmitted across 5G and a wide range of other communications technologies. And, we add value to this data leveraging AI analysis, helping to realize novel customer experiences through the provision of diverse services.

Communications Infrastructure Introduced in More than

NEC’s communications infrastructure equipment has gained trust around the world for its high quality, high functionality, and stability.

Reducing Time-to-Service to

To help speed up your business, we can reduce the time it takes to launch a new service to effectively zero, by automating operations management.

Combining AI and IoT in the 5G Era,
to Create Entirely New Customer Experiences

By combining AI and IoT, we are adding value and creating entirely new customer experiences through the provision of diverse services

Bio-IDiom consists of six biometric authentication systems including face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint and palmprint recognition, finger vein authentication, voice recognition, and ear acoustic authentication. Combining a variety of biometric authentication systems into one allows for advanced authentication that acts as a gateway to the internet, contributing to realizing a safe and secure world with digital technologies.

Facial Authentication Comparison Speed of
Just One Second for
0Million People

Our industry-leading facial authentication comparison speed allows for smooth verification, ensuring less stress for users.

and More than
0 Systems

Our systems are in use across a wide range of fields including police forces, politicians, and businesses. They’re also used for PC login management and in the entertainment industry.

Tourism Revenue
Increased 0%
※The Case of Tigre in Argentina

NEC has contributed to increasing Tigre’s tourism revenue by supporting safe and secure city planning, using our video surveillance and face recognition systems.