NEC Safer Cities creates
new social value globally

What are the cities NEC envisions with the NEC Safer Cities?
Masakazu Yamashina, in charge of the project, explains the vision as announced in the "Mid-term Management Plan 2020".

Masakazu Yamashina
Executive Vice President
After joining NEC, he engaged in R&D of high-performance LSI at NEC’s Central Research Laboratory. He then took charge of businesses for semiconductors, mobile phones, PCs, and tablets. Since 2016, he superintends global safety business, assuming a leading role in NEC Safer Cities.
  • Solves various social issues that occur in the cities utilizing digital technology.
  • Enables customers to provide everyone with equal and highly added-value service.
  • Provides globally platform-based service of highly added-value with less investment cost.

What NEC Safer Cities provides is the value of safety, security, efficiency, and equality

-Tell us about the concept of NEC Safer Cities.

Yamashina:As the world population increases, the concentration of population into urban areas proceeds rapidly. A big challenge cities are facing is how to conduct government services efficiently in a sustainable way while protecting people’s safety.
Solving all kinds of problems that occur in the cities by using digital technology, this is the key concepts of NEC Safer Cities. NEC strives to realize the cities where people live safe and secure lives and provide them with efficient and equal service and the freedom of movement.

NEC Safer Cities helps solve social problems
in the urban areas

-What value does NEC provide specifically?

Yamashina:The SAFE CITIES INDEX 2017 report, sponsored by NEC, describes safety issues of cities and what efforts the cities need to make, as there are a good number of countries or cities that are not safe. It is a primary social agenda how to secure safety in such countries and cities. NEC can help solve the safety and security issues with its advanced AI and biometric authentication technology.
Specifically, NEC delivers value in three major fields, Public Safety, Digital Government and Smart Transportation.
In the field of Public Safety, for example, law enforcement agencies in North America are utilizing NEC’s biometric authentication technologies such as fingerprint and face recognition for criminal identification, which contributes to the faster resolution of crimes and securing people’s safety.
NEC also creates value in the field of Digital Government. For example, by transforming paper-based government procedures into digital transactions, NEC makes a contribution to streamlining the customers’ operations. In the UK, application procedure for benefits has already been digitized, yet fraudulent applications become a problem. By using NEC AI to analyze the patterns of fraudulence, the government can prevent such frauds.
Lastly, in the field of Smart Transportation, border security between countries is another big challenge. In fact, there is a problem that airport security check takes up so much time. For example, NEC’s face recognition system helps build an environment where people can move around efficiently, safely and securely, with shorter waiting time. Thus, frictionless travel or stress-free travel becomes a reality. Not only to safety and security of cities, NEC Safer Cities also contributes to inter-city safety and security.

Realizing NEC Safer Cities utilizing of 3 platforms

-How can NEC Safer Cities be realized?

Yamashina:To realize NEC Safer Cities, we must be able to provide the solutions to more customers. To achieve this, NEC is required to change its business model to a service-based model utilizing platforms. Leveraging three platforms, Data platform, Analysis platform and Common business platform, NEC efficiently delivers highly value-added service to customers.
In January 2018, NEC acquired Northgate Public Services (NPS), a UK IT service company, to increase the value provided by the platforms. NPS has a robust common business platform as well as a built-in customer base in the fields of law enforcement, tax collection, social security benefits, and public housing management.
The new value is to be created by using the data platform to collect and integrate data from the common business platform and by utilizing the analysis platform that embraces NEC AI and biometric authentication. The customers who use NEC platforms can make their business more efficient but also provide equal and high valueadded services.
Leveraging experience and expertise accumulated through UK operations, NEC deploys platform-based service to North America and the Commonwealth countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and India, where public administration systems are highly compatible with those of UK. Thus, NEC delivers value to much more customers in the world.

NEC Safer Cities creates new social value globally

-Lastly, give a message to customers.

Yamashina:With NEC Safer Cities, we intend to make people’s lives more affluent across the world through resolving social issues in the urban areas by using NEC’s technologies and solutions. Together with our customers and partners NEC will continue to cocreate service platforms that enables the enhancement of customers’ services at a low investment, by taking in global best practices.
This is the way we, at NEC, make a contribution to a better world, I believe.
We strive to realize NEC Safer Cities to create new social value globally.
Look forward to good progress NEC makes with NEC Safer Cities.

Steve Callaghan

Northgate Public Services CEO
Steve Callaghan

The acquisition of NPS by NEC delivers significant benefits for our customers and colleagues. Being part of NEC delivers significant financial backing and commercial differentiation. Our business vision includes integrating NEC’s biometric and analytic technologies with our existing software solutions, and leveraging NEC’s expertise in safer cities to strengthen our market position with government and law enforcement agencies. With NEC’s global credentials we also expect the transaction to enable our business to expand into new geographies, and business verticals.


As urban populations continue to rise, the issue of city safety is as important as ever. SAFE CITIES INDEX 2017, a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by NEC, ranks the safety of 60 cities worldwide based on the following four categories: digital security, health security, infrastructure security and personal security.
The report is expected to help foster a better understanding of the importance of addressing the challenges cities are facing, such as population increase and the threat of terrorism. It also helps improve the safety of the cities through learning from the success of other cities. In considering the sustainable development of cities, the report states the need for a holistic approach toward safety and security while also highlighting the effectiveness of utilizing technology.