NEC Safer Cities realizes
safety, security, efficiency, and equality

Rapid population concentration into cities energizes moves of people and things, develops the economy, and diversity accelerates to create new value while increasing risk of crimes and terrorisms.
NEC provided solutions for diverse social issues in the urban areas utilizing advanced AI and IoT technology including biometric authentication and image analysis. NEC, working together with its customers, strives to realize NEC Safer Cities, where people can live more freely and securely to exercise one’s ability to the fullest, through providing people with safe and secure lives, efficient and equal services and the freedom of movement.

3 platforms for providing value by connecting together

To realize NEC Safer Cities, NEC changes its business model into a service-based model with 3 platforms. Rather than system integration service that delivers one-of-a-kind value for each customer, NEC provides more customers with higher value by coherent and consistent data throughout 3 platforms connected together.
3 platforms are Data platform for data collection and integration, Analysis platform for analysis of data and future forecasts, and Common business platform built with horizontally deployable common business functions. The Analysis platform, in particular, is comprised of NEC’s leading edge AI technologies, NEC the WISE, and Bio-IDiom, NEC’s world-class and unique biometric authentication technologies. NEC delivers greater value with the highly accurate analysis using the Analysis platform.

NEC the WISE is a cutting-edge AI technology complex comprised of multiple technology units. It is unrealistic to use a single generic AI for addressing complicated and perplexed social agendas of nowadays. Combining a range of the world’s No. 1 and only one AI technologies, NEC the WISE delivers flexible and quick solutions in every scene and creates value.
NEC the WISE visualizes a wealth of real-world information for the use of AI’s analysis, interprets the intent and background of real-world phenomena by utilizing the data generated through visualization, and analyzes the data to forecast what’s going to happen. Based on the analysis, it seeks an optimal approach to solve a problem, and offers value in the domain of formulating prescriptions for equipment control and supporting people’s action.
The word "AI" may remind you of a human brain. NEC’s AI, in addition to making analysis, is characterized by "Five-senses AI", taking advantage of image analysis techniques including face recognition and fingerprint recognition.
By distinguishing people and things, just like human being uses five senses, it provides highly accurate analysis and identification of the most desirable prescription.

For the last half-century, NEC has been engaged in the R&D of biometric authentication technology. So far, over 700 fingerprint, face recognition and related systems were installed in more than 70 countries.
Bio-IDiom, NEC’s biometric authentication technologies, is comprised of 6 authentication technologies, face, iris, fingerprint and palm print, finger vein, voice recognition and ear acoustic authentication. The technologies are world-class or unique technologies of NEC.
In the cyber world, there exist all kinds of risks like spoofing and ill-willed cyber attacks. Using individual’s biometric information as a key, NEC builds an entrance gate to the cyber world, a sophisticated authentication process based on multiple biometric authentication technologies as needed, NEC’s Bio-IDiom contributes to realizing a safe digital environment for all people by eliminating risks from such as illwilled attacks.