Change driven by Digital Transformation-Transition from city operations to city management

We aim for the creation of people-centered societies and changes in societies based on the idea of city management through the merging of the real world and the cyber world.

Realizing prosperous societies through the safe, secure social infrastructure connecting people and society

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    We have a long-standing and proven track record of mission critical systems in different business fields and the public sectors.
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    We contribute to the creation of safe, secure urban areas and cities through the use of the world’s No.1 biometric identification technology *1 and security solutions.
    *1 Based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Benchmark Testing of fingerprint identification and still image and video face recognition technologies.
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    We contribute to a shift from city operations to city management by promoting value co-creation and the value chain through Digital Transformation.

Connecting information in a people-centered way

Japan faces an increase in social security expenses due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and the provision of services through the efficient use of limited resources is required to meet diversified individual needs. In order to manage urban areas and cities in a safe, secure, people-friendly, and sustainable way, we must prosperous urban city life by providing a variety of information related to urban areas and cities and connecting such information in a people-centered way. Over the long term, we have provided solutions for various industries, public sectors, and the field of education. We believe that we can solve the variety of issues related to urban areas and cities by connecting the information from each entity and creating new value using our experience, knowledge, and expertise. We strive to build a safe, secure, and efficient urban city infrastructure through co-creation with our customers and partners based on our long-standing experience in providing a full range of ICT solutions combining IT and networks.

Connecting real-world information in the cyber world through digitalization

Because of the large volumes of data and different data formats, connecting information is very complicated and difficult. Accordingly, a common platform for connecting information is essential. NEC can digitize a large volume of information using NEC the WISE IoT Platform and then visualize and analyze data and identify prescriptions through NEC the WISE. Moreover, NEC is the first and only Japanese company *1 to join the FIWARE Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting the dissemination of FIWARE Future Internet WARE (software suitable for public service collaboration) as a platinum member. NEC contributes to the efforts towards the acceleration of smart cities.
NEC can realize both people-centered and individually and socially optimized environments by enabling cross-organizational service collaborations through digitalization and connection to the real world using a common platform.

*1 As of September 2017

Creating what will become standard in the future through value chain and co-creation of value

Through the repetition of the value chain and co-creation of individually optimized services, unprecedented value that maintains a compatible balance between individually and socially optimized services will be created in urban areas and cities. NEC has the three aspects required for promoting a new value chain and co-creation. (1) We can create relationships to connect the various stakeholders using our experience of providing urban areas and cities with mission critical systems. (2) The relationships are based on trust in our company, which has contributed to the creation of safe, secure urban areas and cities through security solutions and other solutions. (3) We have the technologies and knowledge required to connect stakeholders through biometric identification technology *2 that is considered the best in the world for identification accuracy. We contribute to the shift from city operations to city management through Digital Transformation. We are creating “what will become standard in the future” through the promotion of the value chain and co-creation beyond connections.

*2 Based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Benchmark Testing of fingerprint identification and still image and video face recognition technologies.

Interview:NEC’s key person
NEC’s key person talks about understanding the current situation and creating the future.


Promoting co-creation by self-assessing value

We have provided administrative organizations, such as government ministries, public agencies, and municipalities, and customers who provide such public services as hospital, railway, and road services with mission critical systems using a full range of ICT solutions combining IT and networks over a long period of time.

Under our current business environment, the investments in ICT that have been made to promote efficiency will gradually decline; accordingly, we must create new value in order to respond to diverse social and individual needs.

In the future, we must realize more sophisticated and efficient services by introducing the latest technologies of AI and IoT and provide new value for administrative services by combining and using data from public and private organizations beyond the existing organizational boundaries.

In the healthcare field, for instance, combining data from public and private organizations and returning analyzed data to individuals means that they can use such data for healthcare. Moreover, administrative organizations can implement new social security measures by using the data. We believe that public and private data will be more widely used in a broad range of fields, such as smart cities and disaster prevention, and a society, where individual optimized services are provided, will be realized in the future.

In order to realize such a society, we must produce results by adding new technologies to the existing framework; however, it is also important to create a better framework in response to social changes. We have longstanding experience in providing services to the public sector, have knowledge about the sector, and have provided policy proposals. We would like to provide policy proposals to create better frameworks in the future. Moreover, the accuracy and security of information distribution should be ensured to connect data beyond the existing boundaries. We believe that we can establish and operate safe, secure systems by taking advantage of our experience and technological strengths in security, including our proven track record in the My Number and biometric identification systems.

We should promote efforts beyond the existing boundaries. In order to do so, we established the Future City Creation Promotion Division in April 2017. The Division consists of people from various organizations who conduct activities beyond the existing boundaries. In the Division, teams have been created for the themes of healthcare and Japan exchange regulation smart cities, and each team addresses the respective issues in cooperation with customers.

Furthermore, co-creation with customers and partners is essential for NEC to enable new value creation. Accordingly, we should objectively assess our own value. We would like to create new value through co-creation with our customers and partners by accurately understanding our value, including technological assets and industry expertise, and considering how we can contribute to the creation of new value.

In the future, the shift from city operations to city management is essential for the realization of a society where individual optimized services are provided. NEC strives to support the shift to city management by assessing our value and creating new value through co-creation with our customers and partners.


Contributing to the advancement and optimization of administrative services

We contribute to the provision of optimum administration services to residents by aggregating vast volumes of diversified data gathered into urban cities on the platform and by promoting data optimization using AI.



Contributing to health promotion and the optimization of healthcare costs

We promote health, reduce the burden on medical staff, promote efficiency in hospital management, and optimize healthcare costs by using AI technology in the healthcare and medical fields and by connecting diversified data.



Contributing to disaster prevention and a reduction in disasters through information services provided in a timely and appropriate manner

We contribute to the prevention and reduction of damage from disasters by providing an information service environment for community-based disaster prevention, such as an emergency radio communication system and a municipal radio communication system, and to provide residents with information in a timely manner.



Realizing a safe, secure living environment through the use of biometric identification

We contribute to the realization of a safe, secure civic life by using a security system based on biometric identification in public and commercial facilities.


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