Evolution of “Connect” to support Digital Transformation

NEC will transform existing information and communication networks to next-generation information and communication infrastructures that support the Digital Transformation currently underway in all industries. Using these next-generation information and communication infrastructures, we will co-create new social value with telecom carriers and industry partners.

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    As a partner responsible for the next generation of information and communication infrastructure, we will co-create with our customers to achieve new social value and business.
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    Realize the swift provision of a variety of services, improve customer satisfaction, and contribute to the increase in carriers’ profits.
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    Rated highly for the value we provide that connects people to other people, things, and society on a global scale.

Connect as a partner through the next generation of information and communication infrastructure

We are seeing innovative services using IoT and AR/VR, *1 and these are new customer experiences (contexts) made possible by connecting to the network, and the startup of new services and businesses in response to these changes is accelerating in every industry. At the same time, by connecting everything and combining businesses across different industries, we are seeing a rapid increase in the volume of information incomparable to what we have seen thus far, and networks are becoming more complex.
In preparation for the trend of such Digital Transformation and in addition to realizing the flexibility and efficiency of networks, NEC is working to create a network that can comfortably handle enormous volumes of data at high speed in high volume at ultra-low latency with multiple terminal connections through 5G. NEC is also working to provide solutions for the operation of networks using cutting-edge AI and verification technology to provide service platforms for realizing an optimal network and IT environment. Thus, working with telecom carriers and partners from a variety of industries, NEC is co-creating advanced services through intelligent networks leveraging 5G, AI, and IoT and creating new value.

*1 Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality

Flexibly and efficiently connect for the speedy provision of a variety of services

With the rapid increase in the volume of information due to the use of smartphones, the adoption of cloud services, and the diversification in workstyles, lifestyles, and business models, the need to reinforce networks, maintain and use of network infrastructure, as well as the increasingly complex service processes, has already become evident.
In response to these issues, NEC leads the competition of hybrid network operations and management by end-to-end orchestration and management of resources and services in entire network in order to release telecom carriers from complicated network operations and management and as a result, improve the service level of end users. NEC has virtualized the network by linking SDN/NFV *1 to network operation and management system (OSS/BSS *2), and provide network operations and management solutions and Network-as-a-Service solutions which realize a variety of services with flexibility. We have received favorable assessments for the ease of adoption into existing networks, and the speedy startup of services, and this service is being introduced globally to commercial networks. Additionally, by pursing flexibility and efficiency through efforts, to automate solutions using AI, we can realize the speedy provision of services.

*1 Software-Defined Networking/Network Functions Virtualization
*2 Operation Support System/Business Support System

Connect in networks with a global track record

NEC has established a track record that serves as the basis for providing such connections. For example, in the areas of communications infrastructure, NEC’s high-quality, highly trusted ultra-compact microwave radio system “PASOLINK” which has long been used as a mobile backhaul for telecom carriers, has been adopted in over 150 countries worldwide. Moreover, with our submarine cable system, NEC can handle the entire project from production to installation, and we have a track record of laying more than 250,000 km of submarine cable, which is the equivalent of six trips around the Earth. In the areas of service infrastructure, NEC has high ratings for OSS/BSS. Together with its US affiliate Netcracker Technology, we have provided services to more than 250 client companies worldwide in the past twenty years. NEC has continuously provided value that connects through our network, which is highly regarded worldwide.
Through the establishment of communications infrastructure networks and service platforms, NEC will continue providing value that connects people, things, and contexts in a productive way throughout the world. As a partner responsible for the next generation of information and communication infrastructure that will continue to support Digital Transformation, NEC will work with our customers in a variety of industries to create new social value and co-create business that will lead to the realization of these values.

Interview:NEC’s key person
NEC’s key person talks about understanding the current situation and creating the future.


Co-creation with customers by connecting people, things, and contexts

Through the development of digital technology, we are seeing the appearance of a series of new services rooted in experiences based on connections through networks. In this environment, service providers must be able to swiftly start up services, swiftly make improvements, and expand services. By accelerating this cycle, they can increase the probability that a new business will be created and the speed at which they can be provided. To realize this, NEC will provide the value of speed as a partner by providing optimal network environments for each service using end-to-end orchestration; realizing a variety of services leveraging 5G (fifth generation mobile communication system), AI, and IoT; and providing a wide range of solutions swiftly through ecosystems with partners.

Digital Transformation requires robust capabilities in IT solutions and solid network technology. Using the experience and know-how gained from providing solutions to domestic and overseas customers in both IT and networks, NEC is now working to build the next generation of information and communication infrastructure. However, to fully leverage this next generation network, we believe it is important to have a shared vision with our customers and co-create services and solutions. These efforts require us to improve our ability to create services. In addition to network skills, we must understand the operations of our customers and improve our ability to create new services. This will bring about innovation through co-creation. As the first step in such co-creating efforts, we are working on the development of advanced services that use the cutting-edge technology of 5G, AI, and IoT as a partner with customers in a variety of industries, as well as telecom carriers.

At NEC, we will expand such efforts for co-creation and continue to work as a partner with our customers in a variety of industries to co-create business. Using the next generation of information and communication infrastructure that will support the Digital Transformation of all industries and connect people, things, and contexts in a productive way, we will contribute to better lives for people and the creation of new social value.


Development of connections to meet the diverse needs of all industries

Leveraging 5G, AI, and IoT, NEC will provide intelligent network and service platforms to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of industries. As a partner supporting the Digital Transformation of all industries, we will work with customers from a variety of industries to create new social value and co-create business.



Connect flexibly and efficiently

Our hybrid network operations management solutions, which orchestrates end-to-end network resources and services by linking SDN/NFV and OSS/BSS, will simplify the operation and management of complex networks and allow us to provide service oriented flexible networks. This makes it possible to reduce the labor required for network operation and to focus resources on areas that maximize the values provided. We will reduce the lead-time to the provision of our various services, improve customer satisfaction, and contribute to increased profits for telecom carriers.



Connect more comfortably and conveniently

The communication infrastructure that NEC provides on a global scale plays a part in the SDGs aiming to provide inexpensive and equal access for all people. We will support future technological innovation and the resulting advancement of this industry by realizing faster and more robust networks.


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