Co-creation of social value

NEC focuses on Solutions for Society to solve the issues that the world faces to create a brighter and more prosperous society. We are positively engaged in generating new business models, and we aim to create social value that makes maximum use of ICT strength through co-creation with customers, business partners, citizens, government, and international organizations. The following sections will introduce NEC’s attitudes toward co-creation and several examples that NEC worked on with customers.

Social Value Creation processes

In co-creation, NEC pursue with customers and business partners the Awareness of social issues, where we start by identifying substantive social issues; Collaboration for value creation, where we connect to the people we need to solve the issues; and Value creation by leveraging ICT, where we generate new business models with advanced ICT to create social value.


Social Value Design

Social Value Design is NEC’s design policy for social value creation. It leads to innovation in customers’ businesses and the future society from two points of view: User Experience, which considers the experience of the people, and Social Experience, which explores an ideal society.


Innovation generated by co-creation

We draw visions and ideas using Social Value Design from the point of view of people and society and turn them into solutions and services by leveraging NEC’s advanced technologies of AI and IoT to create social value.

Co-creation examples

Co-creation at NEC includes Business co-creation and Social co-creation. NEC’s business co-creation is where customers and partners create new businesses with NEC by leveraging the strengths of each, beginning with the social issues. Social co-creation is where NEC designs major visions for urban development with local governments and citizens to create medium and long-term businesses. The efforts by NEC for co-creation are producing results from the unprecedented collaboration in the use of AI and IoT for the medical and agricultural fields.


Business co-creation examples


GE Digital

In the infrastructure and industrial areas, which support society, improvements in productivity and operational efficiency are vital for sustainable growth.

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The tomato is the most consumed vegetable in the world; however, producers and processors are currently facing the major challenge as to how they can respond to increasing demand due to rapid population growth.

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Kochi University

NEC is engaged in the drug discovery business using AI technology in the medical and healthcare field. In 2016, NEC established a venture company called Cytlimic Inc.

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Kitahara Neurosurgical Institute

AI supports hospital management reforms as the goal to be achieved by the Kitahara Neurosurgical Institute.

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DAIKIN: Air and Space That Increases Intellectual Productivity

We are working together with Daikin Industries to create dynamic spaces and environments by combining Daikin’s technology and knowledge about air with NEC's advanced AI and IoT technologies.

Social co-creation examples


Yokkaichi Asunaro Railroad Project

This is a co-creation project based on the theme of transforming a regional railroad to promote regional regeneration. The goal of the project is to pursue a future of sustainable local public transportation by utilizing design thinking and ICT.


2030 Vision for Tigre

We conducted a study of the city from a citizen's perspective, such as moving about using public transport. We then shared a vision for the city with municipal employees in a workshop format. The vision was presented in a story-telling format, and this led to the creation of a solution.

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Living Labs: Co-creation with citizens

Citizens, NTT TechnoCross Corporation, and NEC are working together to generate ideas to improve services for parents with small children through Living Labs, a co-creation system in which service users and citizens participate.