NEC and Netcracker's Next-Gen OSS and orchestration help Colt deploy and manage virtualized technologies and networks

As service providers launch environments comprised of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies, they face the challenge of aligning operations with the evolution of their infrastructure. Colt, a leading global high-bandwidth connectivity provider, recently kicked off a network transformation to overcome these challenges, selecting NEC and Netcracker to ensure the successful deployment of virtualized technologies at scale. Colt provides services in 28 countries to more than 24,500 connected buildings. Its Colt IQ Network, a 100 Gbps network distributed across 700 data centers, is fully optimized for SDN, NFV, and cloud services. Recently, Colt won a variety of awards for its network evolution projects that leverage SDN and NFV, including the Telecoms Innovation Awards, Light Reading’s Leading Lights Awards, and the Next Generation Optical Networking (NGON) Awards. Light Reading also recognized Colt's SD-WAN strategy as the industry’s most innovative for its dramatically simplified approach to deploying and managing remote branch office connectivity. One of Colt's objectives is to leverage its new virtualization-enabled infrastructure to meet its customers' growing demand for the improved delivery of innovative services. As such, Colt selected NEC and Netcracker to enable and support its large-scale OSS transformation.

The OSS evolution program is designed to help Colt significantly improve the customer experience, introduce new business models and digital offerings, as well as extend the reach of Colt's strategic partnerships through an expansive ecosystem. On the operational side, Colt and NEC/Netcracker are aiming to maximize automation for both traditional and hybrid services, as well as enable closed-loop service management for fully virtualized offerings.

To execute this program, Colt is using Netcracker's future-proof, next-generation OSS and Service Orchestration solution, which is a part of NEC/Netcracker's Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice (AVP). NEC/Netcracker’s solution is designed for the following:

  • ・Automate and optimize operational processes.
  • ・Manage both services and resources seamlessly.
  • ・Remain service-agnostic, even for new SDN/NFV-enabled services.
  • ・Evolve and expand to support changing external customer and internal business needs.

The solution at Colt incorporates pre-integrated, modular components from the Netcracker 12 product suite, which work together seamlessly to automate service provisioning and activation. It allows Colt to enable transparent and automated service fulfillment processes for both complex existing B2B services as well as offerings that will be developed and deployed in the future. The hybrid nature of the offering enables Colt to expand its portfolio with new virtualized network functions and services. Using Netcracker's solution, Colt can also automate service and resource management across both the physical and virtual infrastructures.

NEC/Netcracker's OSS and Service Orchestration solution help Colt optimize its physical network, prepare for full virtualization, and quickly monetize new investments. Colt's large-scale OSS transformation will enable new levels of provisioning automation. This will shorten the time it takes to deliver new services to customers, eliminate the risk of errors brought about by manual processes, and give Colt more accurate views into the network in order to provide enhanced support and deliver a superior customer experience.

"Our customers continue to expect new services to be delivered to them faster, which requires us to optimize our intelligent network and pave the way for fast-growing bandwidth requirements," said Rajiv Datta, Chief Technology Officer at Colt. "We are giving organizations the ability to take control of their connectivity through our SDN-powered On Demand Services. With NEC/Netcracker's Service Orchestration solution, we can continue building agility and intelligence through our Colt IQ Network in order to better serve increasingly demanding customers."

NEC/Netcracker's solution will help Colt to continue strengthening its position as the market leader and pioneer in providing high-bandwidth connectivity services that have evolved alongside network infrastructure. It also allows Colt to speed up its journey into a next-generation service provider.

The need to orchestrate legacy ecosystems with newly developed and launched virtualized technologies is becoming increasingly popular among service providers around the world as they transform to meet their customers' evolving needs. Centralized OSS and orchestration capabilities often serve as the first step and make up the foundation for this kind of transformation by allowing service providers to create a focal point and lay the groundwork for further change.