KDDI Corporation and Obayashi Corporation

Remote construction trial leveraging 5G for ICT construction

NEC, KDDI Corporation and Obayashi Corporation are conducting a trial*1 of remote construction technologies with the aim of achieving ICT construction leveraging 5G.

In dangerous disaster recovery sites after earthquakes, typhoons, and localized heavy rain, construction contractors are introducing unmanned construction system to improve the work environment and to ensure the safety of frontline workers. In addition, they are aiming at the realization of high-quality construction using ICT technology to cover the shortage of skilled workers. In the near future, through 5G technology with construction machinery, it will be possible to improve the construction efficiency of remote operation of the unmanned construction system and achieve high-quality construction.

This trial will undertake verification by combining 5G technology with an existing remote control system for construction machinery. Compared to existing LTE and Wi-Fi networks, 5G is capable of large-capacity, high-speed transmission and high-definition video with low latency. This allows workers to conveniently gain an accurate impression of a situation using high-definition video sent from remotely located construction machinery.

Moreover, the high-definition video is transmitted with low latency, so workers can change the position and direction of construction machinery in real-time for higher construction quality and efficiency through improved remote control workability.

Through 5G technology in this trial, these three companies aim to develop advanced construction technologies by automating construction machinery and real-time remote construction with ICT construction.

Going forward, NEC will continue to develop and provide 5G solutions for the realization of enhanced transmission and sophisticated, diversified services.

*1 This 5G trial is being conducted for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.