NEC is building safe and user-friendly information and communications infrastructure to support value creation by people and companies

Building communications network infrastructure

NEC is contributing to the development of information and communications infrastructure across the globe and supporting the creation of new social value by promoting safe, secure, and equitable use of information by people and companies around the world.

NEC develops information and communications infrastructure globally to help people live more prosperous lives and support the business activities of companies. NEC's efforts include installation of submarine cables carrying massive volumes of data traffic, construction of mobile network base stations, and development of ultra-compact and lightweight microwave radio systems. NEC's achievements in these areas have contributed to the creation of new value. Furthermore, NEC is focused on the development of the next-generation information and communications infrastructure that will freely connect "people, things, and contexts" for the coming Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G era and realize environments that allow information to be used with even greater safety, security, and equality.

What is the information and communications infrastructure required by high-capacity mobile networks and the IoT era?

As mobile networks expand and the rise of IoT gains momentum, the number of Internet users and connected IoT devices is growing exponentially, ushering in an era of massive data traffic. What is required to face this challenge is an evolved digital network that can process massive amounts of data seamlessly and effortlessly. This information and communications infrastructure allows diverse communications services to be provided with high reliability.
If "people, things, and contexts" can be freely connected using such an information and communications infrastructure-for example, enabling national border-transcending personal interactions thanks to automatic multilingual speech translation and ubiquitous car-sharing thanks to automated transportation systems-then new value can be easily created to realize an even safer, more secure, and more equal society.

Contributing to high-capacity communications networks and mobile communications infrastructure on a global scale

Networks are the foundation of information and communications. They are needed now and even more so in the future by countries and regions around the world. Heedful of this demand, NEC is shouldering the responsibility of building networks across the globe.
For example, NEC is engaged in the Indonesia Global Gateway (IGG) project, a large-capacity optical submarine cable connecting nine cities of Indonesia with Singapore. NEC is laying cables totaling 5,300 km in length with the goal of having the cable ready for service in 2018. The cable features the latest 100Gb/s DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology and has an initial design transmission capacity of 32Tb/s. Once IGG is completed, this cable system will not only enhance connectivity between the major cities of Indonesia; it will also bridge two other international submarine cables built by NEC, namely the SEA-US submarine cable system, connecting Indonesia to the U.S., and the SEA-ME-WE5 submarine cable system, connecting Singapore to Europe through the Middle East. NEC is contributing to the improvement of Indonesia's domestic communication networks and to the country's transformation into an international communication hub.
Globe Telecom, the premier mobile communications provider in the Philippines, has about 48 million subscribers, and the number is still growing. One reason is its use of microwave radio systems and IP radio with support from NEC, making possible the establishment and expansion of an uninterrupted communications infrastructure. Access from regions separated by mountains and waters is possible, and users can also enjoy contents in cities with broadband communications. NEC is also partnering the Philippines in a major project to connect the country to the U.S. by an optical submarine cable.
Laying optical cables is difficult in many areas around the world, such as deserts and mountainous terrain. NEC's ultra-compact and lightweight microwave radio system PASOLINK overcomes this problem with its superior ease of installation. The system establishes communications between mobile phone base stations in such regions. Since sales began, about 2.8 million units of PASOLINK have been sold in 153 countries. NEC is currently commercializing radio systems that rival the transmission capacity of optical fibers. Their deployment brings about extreme reliability as communication infrastructure that ensures the safety, security, efficiency, and equality of society.

Applying the latest technologies to infrastructure supporting a prosperous society, and advancing next-generation information and communications infrastructure

With "from the ocean floor to outer space" as its slogan, NEC has been providing information and communications infrastructure around the world with submarine cables, satellite communications and ground communications facilities, and is continuing to contribute to realizing a prosperous society. Furthermore, NEC is now engaged in developing next-generation information and communications infrastructure to support diverse and advanced communications services by partnering with telecom carriers.
Expected to be commercialized by 2020, fifth-generation (5G) mobile communications technologies are indispensable for the proliferation of IoT. With an eye toward the IoT/5G era, NEC is focusing its energies on advancing next-generation information and communications infrastructure that integrates communications technologies with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and security technologies, and that be used safely, securely, and freely-like the air we breathe-by anyone, anywhere.
NEC's next-generation information and communications infrastructure heralds a major transformation of telecommunications from "connecting information and data efficiently" to "supporting diverse services." NEC is confident that by using this infrastructure, people and companies will easily be able to create unprecedented new value.

Reading NEC Vision Book 2017

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