Airport Solutions

As demand for air transportation increases year after year, it leads to excessively dense and crowded airports and air routes,and demands system development for achieving efficient and safe air navigation. Additionally, because system failures may have great effects on society, an absolutely reliable system is essential.
For over fifty years, NEC has continued to provide airport solutions across the world, with a focus in Japan and other parts of Asia. NEC's air traffic control radar uses the latest semiconductor circuit technology and signal processing technology to accurately detect aircraft in the airspace.
Secondary monitoring radar can acquire aircraft information even in congested airspace, improving the effectiveness of air traffic control services, and contributing to smooth, safe air traffic control.
NEC's track records of commercial contracts include air traffic control radar from the Civil Aviation Authority of Taiwan for the Taoyuan International Airport and Taichung International Airport, and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal for the Tribhuvan International Airport modernization project in Kathmandu.
From here on, NEC will continue to enhance air traffic control related solutions, and accelerate activities to meet regional needs.