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  4. Avoid power instability (blackouts) caused by the increase in photovoltaic and wind power generation! Output control technology for power generation through renewable energy
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Avoid power instability (blackouts) caused by the increase in photovoltaic and wind power generation! Output control technology for power generation through renewable energy

The issue of surplus power must be resolved swiftly

  • MitaSorry to interrupt, but earlier you said that excess power is discarded, right? Can't this be stored in a power storage system like those I've interviewed staff about before?
  • HashimotoIt is of course possible to store power in storage batteries, but that would require the step of installing these storage batteries. Unlike households, power plants that create large amounts of electricity would need extremely large batteries, and installation would take a certain amount of time. But right now we don't have time to spare for carrying out work like this.
  • MitaWhat do you mean?
  • HashimotoHave you heard of the hold on renewable energy connections?
  • MitaNo, I haven't.
  • HashimotoAllow me to explain briefly. The hold on renewable energy connections happened in 2014. Because the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced they would drop the purchase price of photovoltaic power from April, there was an influx of connection applications from producers in March of that year. There was a particularly large amount of applications in the Kyushu region, where there is a lot of land suitable for photovoltaic power generation. As a result, some power companies announced they would put a temporary hold on connections, knowing that if they bought all this power as-is, the balance of supply and demand would be upset. This affected many producers who had installed mega-solar systems, etc.
  • MitaThat would have been a big shock to producers, I'm sure.
  • HashimotoIn part because of these circumstances, the issue of surplus power due to renewable energy is a problem that must be solved swiftly. That's why we proposed this technology as a measure that power companies could implement right away.
  • MitaI see!

Larger viewIn each power service area the authorized amount of photovoltaic power exceeds the connectable amount, making power regulation an urgent issue

Conducting regulation fairly, and reducing the amount of power generation regulated to a minimum!

  • MitaWhat are the features of this technology for controlling the output of power generated through renewable energy?
  • HonmaThe main feature of our technology is the fact that optimal planning can be carried out using detailed forecasting information. One point is that it does not merely use forecasts for how much power will be generated using renewable energy, it also incorporates the probability of the forecast being correct.
  • MitaThe probability of the forecast being correct?
  • HonmaFor example, weather forecasts don't just state there will be rain tomorrow; they also include information on what the chance of rain is as a percentage. In the same way, instead of simply utilizing a forecast of how many watts will be generated the next day, our technology looks at the probabilities of generating set amounts of power. Using information such as this, we can put together a more detailed control plan, reducing the amount of regulation to a minimum.
  • HashimotoIn addition to the forecast information we just discussed, it is also possible to regulate power generation fairly by taking into account previous output regulation history and weather conditions, to prevent certain power plants from being overly penalized.
  • MitaThat's wonderful! By the way, are there other control technologies like this?
  • Honma"Alternating control" is a technique considered in the past. For example, this technique involves changing the power plant subject to regulation in rotation, so if a given power plant was regulated one day, the next day a different one would be subject to regulation. However, this is carried out by simply taking a cursory glance at the regulation record, and no thought is given to finer details such as how much the power generated at each power plant will drop over the course of a year. That means there is a possibility that regulation amounts will be biased depending on the power plant.
  • HashimotoThe amount regulated also tends to be higher. This is because under alternating control it is difficult to take into account weather at a power plant's location, so regulation is implemented under the assumption of clear weather, when the most power will be generated. That means the amount of regulation is liable to be excessive. Incidentally, although our technology results in control being applied for more days than conventional alternating control, we have obtained verification results that show the regulation of power generation can be reduced to two thirds the amount.

Larger viewThrough optimum distribution and centralized control, alternating control regulation amounts can be reduced by about 33%

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